Thursday, August 2, 2012

Between The Sheets

Listen, we are for the most part a simple group over here, but every so often we like to complicate things and order drinks or food that just isn’t that easy to make all for the fun of it. When making anything in life whether it be music, a meal or a drink you need to carefully select everything that goes into, as the final results can make or break a few days of your life. Listening to timeless groups performing their classics while cooking always makes the meal that much more enjoyable in my opinion. That being said, try cooking a steak and lobster dinner for your loved one while listening to The Isley Brothers and see just how effortlessly you glide around the kitchen. And while were on the subject of the Isley’s let us get to part 3 in our 3 part segment of Rum Flavored Libations for the day, the Between The Sheets a mixture of Bacardi® Superior Rum, Cognac, Triple Sec & Lemon Juice. If you can’t follow up on a surefire lead off hitter like the Between The Sheets, maybe you need to give up now.

1 part Bacardi® Superior Rum
1 part Cognac (preferably Remy Martin or Hennessy)
1 part Triple Sec
1 part Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
A few dashes of Simply Syrup
Cubed Ice
Orange Zest to Garnish
Drink Mixer / Shaker (w/ a strainer)
A Frozen Cocktail Glass

Pour all of the ingredients (minus the Orange Zest) into the mixer / shaker.
Pour in some ice, close tightly and shake until the mixer is cold to the touch.
Double strain into the frozen cocktail glass.
Garnish w/ Orange Zest

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