Monday, August 20, 2012

Recipe Of The Day: Frosty Basil Lemonade

If your going to be outside for any length of time, the number one thing you must remember is to stay hydrated. The intense heat that the entire nation is suffering from, mixed with all of the bad air and humidity is crippling to say the least. The worst part about having to suffer through endless weeks of high temperatures is being inundated with flavorless water to keep the brain functioning. Today being National Lemonade Day, we are going to give everyone a drink they can enjoy to the last drop and we mean everyone whether you’re vegan, on a gluten free diet, Kosher, Halaal or just looking to have something low in cholesterol, this drink is for you.
Simply pour all of the ingredients in the blender and give it a bit of time to work its magic and Voila, you have something that the entire family will enjoy sipping on, whether its after going swimming, right before dinner or even before heading out in the morning to face the blistering heat, this Frosty Basil Lemonade is just the right blend of Earthy freshness and cool refreshing sweetness.

The Vitamix Frosty Basil Lemonade –
3 cups Cold Water
1 ½ Lemons, (peeled, halved & seeded)
¼ cup Sugar (or other sweetener such as Nectresse)
½ cup Fresh basil Leaves (washed thoroughly)
1 cup Ice Cubes
Chilled Glasses
A few slices of Lemon for Garnish (optional)

Place all of your ingredients (in the order listed) your Vitamix blender and secure the lid
Select Variable 1
Turn the Machine on and slowly increase the speed to variable 10 and blend for 1 minute or until the desired consistency has been reached.
Pour over ice into chilled glasses and garnish with Lemon.

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