Friday, August 3, 2012

Un Clasico - aka "Watermelon Sangria"

It sometimes can be said that less is more. In this instance, a drink that requires more than one or two ingredients will leave your guests saying one common thing “AMAZING.” Make this drink and test the ratios to make sure you can handle them as some people have a low tolerance for mixed libations. This drink, known as the “Un Clasico” is in honor of National Watermelon Day. 

A little known fact is that in Argentina it used to be considered suicide to mix Watermelon with Red Wine, boy are we glad they were wrong and that master Mixologist DAVID CORDOBA, came up with this recipe as his homage to Sangria.
Enjoy this one responsibly, it is no joke.

1.5 parts Bacardi® Superior Rum
1.5 parts Cognac
½  part Licor 43 (click the link to lean more about Licor 43)
1 part Red Wine mixed with ½ part Simple Syrup
1 wheel cut slice of Watermelon (a slice of watermelon about 1.5 inches thick with the rind removed)
Cubed Ice
3 fine Slices of Watermelon to garnish

Cut up the wheel of Watermelon into cubes put in a drink mixer and muddle well.
Add all of the remaining ingredients including ice, cover and shake until the mixer is cold to the touch.
Double strain into a chilled glass, full with ice.
Garnish with 3 slices of Watermelon.

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