Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Whiskey Sour (National Whiskey Sour Day Recipe)

It’s a Saturday near the end of August and the weatherman said it wasn’t supposed to be blazing hot for the next 24 hours. Mix those two facts together with a great day entitled “National Whiskey Sour Day” and you have the makings for a perfect poolside rest & relaxation session that should ease whatever troubles you, right out of your mind.

The Whiskey Sour, a cool almost punch-like drink is one of those old classics you just can’t live your life without trying at least once.
Quite simple to make and extremely delicious this is a drink you need to have in your arsenal for moments such as these.

Enjoy Responsibly.

The Whiskey Sour –
1 part Gentleman Jack
3 parts Sweet & Sour Mix
1 Orange (washed and cut into slices)
Cherries (as a garnish)

Pour Gentleman Jack & Sweet and Sour mix into a chilled rocks glass over ice.
Stir together and garnish with and Orange slice and one Cherry.

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