Monday, August 13, 2012

The Razz & Sprite

As August and the lovely heat wave that has decided to grace us with its presence continue to move on ahead towards National Rum Day, we decided to try out a drink that can be made with everyday ingredients that are commonly kept in every kitchen. Using Bacardi® Razz™, a few dashes of Sprite, some Limes and fresh Raspberries, we found that this drink will satisfy the thirst like no other on such a blazing day as the one we are about to experience.
The great thing about this drink is the Lime & Raspberry combo really plays well with the Rum, leaving it not too strong, not too sweet.
Enjoy the Razz & Sprite Responsibly. 

2 parts Bacardi® Razz™
4 parts Sprite (or other Lemon Lime Soda that you prefer)
Fresh Raspberries (washed thoroughly and dried)
Limes (washed and cut into rounds)

Drop 1 Lime round into the bottom of chilled glass, then fill the glass with ice and add 10 Raspberries.
Pour in the Bacardi Razz and add the Sprite.
Top of with another round or two of Lime and stir well.
Serve to friends and family who can handle their liquor.

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