Thursday, August 2, 2012

Enter The Dragon

Seeing as how Bruce Lee was one of THE BADDEST MEN to ever grace the face of this planet and we are currently in the year of the Dragon, we figured, part 2 of today’s Rum inspired extravaganza would feature a simple cocktail, you won’t get laughed out of the bar for ordering; the Enter The Dragon, which features Bacardi’s® undeniably delicious Dragon Berry flavored Rum doing the tango of tangos with some good old fashioned Ginger Ale. A drink to keep you on point and not sloppy is what you need when the temperatures begin to skyrocket in these last few weeks of Summer.

3 parts Bacardi® Dragon Berry flavored Rum
1 part Ginger Ale
Cubed Ice
Chilled Rocks Glass
1 Lime (washed, cut in half then again into wedges for a garnish)

Put as much ice as you desire in a chilled Rocks Glass.
Pour Bacardi® and Ginger Ale over the ice.
Stir with a straw or swizzle stick.
Garnish w/ a Lime wedge.

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