Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Bacardi® Superior Rum Mojito

With National Rum Day, right around the corner (ok it’s a week or so away but we love RUM) we figured we’d help you plan out your daily libation of sorts to help get your evening going as well as it possibly can. With some help from the great folks at the Casa De Bacardi, we have for you today, the Official Bacardi® Mojito Recipe. Enjoy it with some Arroz Con Pollo, Jerk Chicken or some sliced fruit if your on a diet, whatever you do, have a great time, RESPONSIBLY.

2 parts Bacardi® Superior Rum
12 fresh Mint leaves
1 Lime, cut in ½ then cut into wedges
2 TBS Simple Syrup or extra fine Sugar
Club Soda
Crushed Ice
A few sprigs of Mint as a garnish

Muddle the 12 Mint leaves & ½ of the Lime.
Cover w/ 2 TBS Simple Syrup or Sugar and top w/ crushed ice.
Add the Bacardi® Rum and top with a few dashes of Club Soda.
Stir well & garnish w/ a sprig of Mint & a Lime wedge

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