Thursday, August 16, 2012

Drink Recipe of the Day: The Aveja Reina (Queen Bee)

The Aveja Reina or Queen Bee, is yet another superior cocktail recipe created by David Cordoba that combines vanilla, honey, lemon juice and smooth Bacardi® Gold Rum. Pour a few of these of up for your guests that prefer “girly” kind of drinks as we can’t hardly see your manliest of friends drinking anything that contains a cute little flower at the top.
Take our advice and find the Acacia Honey for this recipe. It blends so amazingly smooth with the Vanilla Syrup and wont create a funky flavor when combined with the Gold Rum and lemon Juice.
Enjoy Responsibly!

2 parts Bacardi® Gold Rum
1 part Acacia Honey & Vanilla Syrup (found at most supermarkets)
1 part Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
Cubed Ice
Flowers to Garnish (cleaned off of course)

Mix the Acacia Honey w/ Vanilla Syrup in the bottom of a drink mixer / shaker.
Pour in the rest of the ingredients, minus the garnish and top off with Cubed Ice.
Cover the mixer and shake until the mixer is freezing cold to the touch.
Strain the drink only one time into a chilled Highball Glass filled with ice.
Garnish if so desired and enjoy the Queen Bee.

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