Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Recipe Of The Day: Tuna Tataki & Watermelon Salad w/ Lemon Wasabi Dressing

With today being National Watermelon Day and us getting such an amazing response to yesterdays Seared Tuna recipe, we figured why not make one of our most favorite salads? The Tuna Tataki Salad, a staple in our test kitchens (when we feel like eating healthy that is) and is a dish in which each and every bite is loaded with explosively astounding flavors.
The marinated watermelon becomes so moist and juicy, but not overly mushy and soft as you would expect it to become. The crispness of the mesclun greens and freshness of the avocado slices are brought to life with the light and airy Lemon-Wasabi Dressing.

But with all of those beautiful ingredients, comes the masterpiece of finishing touches and that is the Seared Tuna. Beautiful Sashimi Grade Tuna takes center stage in this recipe and shines like the deep blue oceans it once swam freely in.
This is a great recipe for Summertime (or anytime for that matter,) because it is light and full of healthy ingredients, which makes it perfect for aiding in recuperating from a previous night of drinking, dancing or whatever you may have done that has you feeling washed out.
Diced Grilled Watermelon:
4 oz Rice Wine Vinegar
1 TBS Chopped Ginger
½ Stalk Lemongrass, Smashed And Chopped
2 TBS Sugar
20 oz Seedless Watermelon, Skin On, Sliced 3/4-Inch Thick, (Use Center Wheel Of The Watermelon)

Lemon Wasabi Dressing:
1 TBS Olive Oil
½ TBS Sliced Shallot
1 ½ tsp Wasabi Powder
1 TBS Water
1-oz Soy Sauce
1-oz Lemon Juice
½ TBS Mirin
1-oz Rice Vinegar
½ TBS White Vinegar
½ tsp Yuzu Juice
1-oz Sugar
2 ½ oz Canola Oil

12 oz Fresh Ahi Tuna, Sashimi Quality, 4 (3-Ounce) Portions
2 tsp Togarashi
1 tsp Kosher Salt
¼ tsp Ground Black Pepper
1 TBS Canola Oil
4 Cups Mesclun Greens
1/4 tsp Salt
1/8 tsp Pepper
½ Cup Daikon Sprouts
¾ Cup Medium Diced Jicama
4 TBS Coarsely Chopped Wasabi Peas
½ Cup Lemon Wasabi Dressing
1 Avocado, Pitted And Skin Removed
1 ½ Cups Diced Grilled Watermelon

For the Grilled Watermelon:
In a saucepan, add rice wine vinegar, ginger, lemongrass and sugar, and bring to a boil. Turn it off and let it cool down.
Marinate watermelon in this syrup for 2 hours.
You must rotate the watermelon every half an hour so all sides get equally marinated.
In a hot grill sear each slice of watermelon for 2 minutes on both sides.
Remove from grill, take the skin off, cut in large dice and set aside.

For the Dressing:
In a saute pan on low heat, add 1 tablespoon of oil and slowly caramelize the shallots.
In a small bowl dissolve the wasabi powder in the water to create a thick paste.
Add all the ingredients except the canola oil into a blender and mix until smooth.
With the blender running, add the canola oil in a steady stream to create an emulsion. Store in refrigerator up to 3 days.

For the Tuna and assembly:
Season the tuna portions with togarashi, salt and ground pepper.
Sear the tuna in canola oil on all sides and cut each into 5 even slices, set aside. Meanwhile, place the mesclun in a mixing bowl and season with salt and pepper.
Add daikon sprouts, jicama, wasabi peas and Lemon Wasabi Dressing, and toss it.
Slice 16 thin avocado slices.
Distribute the salad in equal amounts on 4 serving plates.
Top with each 4 avocado slices, and arrange slices of tuna on top.
Garnish the plate with the diced watermelon around the salad.


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