Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jay Z x Nike "All Black Everything" Air Force 1 = Charity Auction on Ebay

I know, I know we are supposed to be covering food only right? Wrong, We started off in this game as style consultants, letting people get a glimpse at the latest and freshest lifestyle products aimed to keep people on their toes, as far as looking fresh was concerned. Looking at the pics you already know what time it is, the God MC, aka Jay Z or Hov as his new collaboration with Nike would have you call him, to drop these "All Black Everything" Air Force 1's on the masses. Oh wait were lying to you, these aren't for the masses, this is for Charity and that our friends is why we are covering them.
5 different styles have been designed with only 2 pair being made of each design.
Jay-Z will get one pair (yeah right) of each design and the other pairs will go up for sale on via an online auction on Ebay.

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