Monday, August 16, 2010

Denny's Introduces... The Deep Fried Death Sandwich, We Mean Fried Cheese Melt

On August 24th the folks over at Denny's will be adding a few new items to their menus. Amongst them is this lovely bit of deep fried heaven which they call "The Fried Cheese Melt." Literally looking like death warmed over, this sandwich consisting of 4 fried mozzarella sticks housed between a few slices of American cheese, then grilled between two slices of sourdough will hit plates for around $4.00
Now we aren't ones to really bash any brand or company by any means, but after hearing and seeing this thing we were kind of forced to step back and scratch our heads and ask how healthy can this really be? Sure I understand that the public has the option to order a salad if they wish, but this right here, is something that looks to be geared straight for the kids who don't like anything but macaroni and cheese or cheese sticks.
What better way to fill them up quiet them down, than to give em a heart attack?

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