Monday, August 30, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen, No More Banging Jars On Your Counters. Introducing The Strongboy2

Everyone has suffered from a moment of weakness in the kitchen. No I am not talking about waking up in the middle of the night and devouring the a few brownies or tub of ice cream just because it felt good. I am talking about having that moment in life, where someone hands you a jar after making numerous unsuccessful attempts at trying to open it, with failure written all over their face, only to not be able to open it yourself. Then both of you are forced to beat the jar on the counter, find something to dry your supposedly wet hands that cant grip the jar tight enough and eventually give up.
 I laugh when that happens because some people really get their feelings hurt that they can't open a jar with their own physical strength. I don't even feel bad when I can't open a jar on the first few attempts anymore because I look at it like this, a machine put the lid on, so it should be incredibly tight.

You know how we do things around here, our thought is with the right tools anything is possible and in this case with the Strongboy 2, built by Zyliss the innovative people known for making quality products for just about every use in the home, opening a jar of anything from pickles to whoop ass isn't out of the realm of possibility anymore. 

With the Sure-Grip teeth on the inside of the opener head working with the adjustable nonslip strap to ensure a tight grip every time, getting the proper leverage to open most jars is now quite easy.
Never mind that the Strongboy 2 looks like a light saber, this lightweight futuristic tool can open jars ranging from 1'' to 3 ½''. 

The perfect gift for yourself, your grandparents and anyone else who has ever had trouble opening a jar. The Strongboy 2, by Zyliss is available for less than $15.00 online check it out today.


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