Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Step Your Bar Game Up. 1 Fresh Bar Tool (In 3 Fly Styles) That Everyone Should Own

Everyone knows that a good house party will eventually gravitate from the dance floor towards either the kitchen or a well stocked bar area. Having the right tools to assist in making the night flow effortlessly is of high importance, when any event is taking place within the walls of your own home. 
It is truly no fun attending a party where someone is thoughtful enough to bring the host a few bottles of something they delicately selected, only to have the host say, "I do not have anything to open that with." The guy who uses his teeth or the backside of a lighter may be a hit at some functions, but what about when the time calls for a much more refined sense of style? 
These our friends, are the exact moments where having a bit of knowledge, a few good products that will last a lifetime and a bit of savoir faire, will take you much further than you could have ever expected.
Screwpull, a brand synonymous with luxury and class has newly released 1 life style product in 3 classic styles, all aimed to help upgrade the knowledge and style points with these fresh products designed for the expert wine drinker or all around libation specialist in all of us.

People may ask you what in the heck this tuning fork like contraption is, but The twin prong cork puller, also called the Butler's Friend or Ah-So is far from a musical instrument. 

This cork puller is shaped like a large key with a squared oval handle and two thin metal strips, descending in tandem from the center of the handle. The two strips are spread open and then wiggled into the space between the cork and the bottle on either side. Once fully in place, a turn and pull of the handle causes friction to turn the cork and pull it out of the bottle.
"Ah-so" is a translation of the German title, "Ach so!" an expression meaning roughly "Ah, I see."
The ah-so is useful in opening old bottles with brittle corks, because it does not puncture the cork, limiting the likelihood of a brittle cork crumbling into the wine.
However, if used by novice hands, the Ah-So can inadvertently push the cork further into the bottle instead of extracting it. 

The above pictured Butler's Friend retails for $50.00

The power behind Screwpull’s legendary smooth lever action is based on the idea of mechanical advantage. In non-technical terms, as pressure is applied at one end of the lever handle, power is multiplied at the worm end, making cork removal effortless. By applying the simple laws of physics, Screwpull technology and engineering have helped generations of wine lovers open up all the possibilities of great wine.
The above pictured Advanced Lever Model retails for about $150.00

And finally ladies and gentlemen, the old classic Traditional Corkscrew. Designed to give maximum control, sommeliers and wine lovers alike find this black nickel finished model to provide both control and capability. Plus it looks cool and retails for only $45.00. 
Surely something that will outlast any bottle it plunges itself into you can get your moneys worth out of these products and many, many more at

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