Tuesday, August 10, 2010

National S'MORES Day

Today being National S’mores Day we figured that it is only right to give you a simple to make recipe that can be done in the house, before your guests arrive and then reheated when needed.
Almost everyone likes S’mores and a lot of us grew up eating them so lets not deprive ourselves of a classic treat on this National Holiday.

6 Graham Crackers Halved
22 Large Marshmallows Halved
6 -8 Mini Hershey Chocolate Bars Halved

Pre-heat broiler / oven
Place Graham cracker halves on a cookie sheet lined with tin foil and lightly spreayed with cooking spray
Place 2 halved Marshmallows on each Graham Cracker (4 pieces on ea. Cracker total)
Place cookie sheet w/ Marshmallows & Crackers under broiler for 2 – 3 mins until Marshmallows are bubbling, but not burning
Remove cookie sheet from oven and place 1 halved Hershey bar (2 pieces total) on top of 3 of the Marshmallows & Crackers
Cover as you would a normal sandwich with remaining half of Marshmallow and Cracker.
Serve Warm

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