Monday, January 12, 2015

Time is Illmatic Trailer

Illmatic came out a couple of days before my sixteenth birthday. The album took my life by storm. The streets were buzzing a few years prior to who this dude was kicking these rhymes, let alone saying the things he was saying, it just seemed so far ahead of its time. 20 years later the album to me is still untouched by any other hip hop album that has been released and until years of recent, has yet to have received the level of respect it so rightfully deserves.
Here is the trailer, if you haven’t caught the flick on tv or in the movies, you’re sleepin’. And as the album says, “Never Sleep, ‘cause Sleep is The Cousin of Death.”

With age comes wisdom, and with wisdom come great memories of things long gone. This album should take us all back to the days of quality boom bap Hip Hop and rhythmic patterns unheard before.

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