Thursday, May 30, 2013

De La Soul w/ The Spirit of Wu Tang - Get Away (Video)

I need not speak on how incredible a group like De La Soul is, or how instruental they have been in many peoples lives. It goes without saying that they broke the mold with their “Hip Hop Hippy” vibes and style of dress as well as their non hardcore approach to creating songs that have done more than withstand the test of time. De La Soul, for those that don’t know have been around for over 20 years, making music that knows no limits and takes no prisoners. True indeed they never aspired to be the most thuggish rappers alive, nor did they sell dope to kids and prance around like comical pimps in their videos. De La Soul did what needed to be done, they made DOPE music that spoke for itself. Plugs Won, Two & Three aka Trugoy The Dove, Pos Dnous & Dj Maseo were very influential in my younger years and every time I have seen them perform they never fail to impress and put on an energetic, hyped show. I can say without any hesitation I Love This Group, and this song right here goes to show that they don’t gimmicks to make you pay attention.
Featuring the original intro from the highly acclaimed Wu Tang Clan’s “Wu Tang Forever” De La’s  whole new approach to the strings and words of The Rza & Gza take flight in a whole new direction, which couldn't have come at a better time for an older head such as myself.

Chase Encounters, Las Vegas Uncork'd 2013 - $20,000 Scholarship Challenge

LAS VEGAS – Chase Sapphire Preferred®, a premier travel rewards card from Chase, in partnership with Bon Appétit hosted the Chase Sapphire Preferred Grill Challenge, on Saturday, May 11, during Bellagio’s Block Party at the seventh annual Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appétit. Renowned chefs Akira Back and Todd English partnered with two local Las Vegas Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute students, Andrew Merfalen and Todd Huelsman, respectively, to re-imagine a classic French dish during a live grilling competition.
Todd English and Todd Huelsman were named grill challenge champions after stunning the judges with a show-stopping dish featuring a rich foie gras mousse paired with chicken payard, topped with panko asparagus and finished with a demi-glace. Todd Huelsman was awarded a $20,000 scholarship, presented by Chase Sapphire Preferred, to help fund his culinary education at the Las Vegas Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute. An additional $5,000 was presented to runner-up Andrew Merfalen.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with acclaimed chef Todd English at such a prestigious food festival” said Todd Huelsman. “The generous $20,000 donation from Chase Sapphire Preferred is truly life changing and will allow me to further my culinary education as I strive to be as successful as the world-class chefs at the event.”

The two students from the Las Vegas Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute were selected for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve as sous-chefs for Akira Back, Executive Chef of Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge at Bellagio, and Todd English, Chef at Olives at Bellagio, through a Vine video and essay competition presented by Bon Appétit and the Las Vegas Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute.

“It is an honor to be involved in the Chase Sapphire Preferred Grill Challenge and work with rising culinary talent from Las Vegas Le Cordon Bleu,” said Akira Back. “I had fun working side-by-side with Andrew building our dish and battling Team English.”
Bon Appétit restaurant and spirits editor, Andrew Knowlton, emceed the event. The judging panel included Denise Valdez, KLAS-TV anchor and 8 News NOW personality, alongside Bon Appétit, Editor-in-Chief, Adam Rapoport, and a lucky Chase Sapphire cardholder. 

“The Chase Sapphire Preferred Grill Challenge was the highlight of the weekend, the celebrity chefs and Le Cordon Bleu students not only brought their culinary expertise, but also their competitive edge to the event,” said Sean O’Reilly, general manager, JP Morgan Chase. “We know how important it is to support the next generation of chef talent, and by providing scholarships funds we are furthering these students’ culinary dreams.” 

The seventh annual Vegas Uncork’d by presented by Bon Appétit and Las Vegas, in partnership with Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand and Chase Sapphire Preferred ran May 9-12. The food festival featured chefs including Akira Back, Todd English, Bobby Flay, Michael Mina, Nobu Matsuhisa, Gordon Ramsay, Michel Richard and Joël Robuchon.

As a presenting sponsor of Vegas Uncork’d, Chase Sapphire Preferred offered cardholders the ability to redeem credit card rewards points or purchase tickets to select Vegas Uncork’d events – and enjoy exclusive perks, such as a VIP lounge at the Grand Tasting and a private brunch featuring cuisine prepared by Executive Chef Julian Serrano of Picasso at Bellagio. About Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appétit

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Strip House at Planet Hollywood: A Steak House & Bar Worthy of Vegas Sized Accolades

Nothing is wrong with eating, drinking and enjoying the fruits of your hard labor. Celebrating a noteworthy highlight in life is sometimes all that you need to put you on the right course of action. Sometimes eating at an establishment you really love can be a double-edged sword. Having so many things on the menu that you truly wouldn't mind indulging yourself with can leave you feeling as if you’re in dire need of a nap, which may ruin the remainder of the evening for all parties involved.

Hence why it is sometimes imperative to take a different approach to dining at many of the latest and greatest restaurants that can be found just about everywhere you look. True, in a large number of restaurants frequented by the masses the more is more approach is appreciated. With many Chefs reaching deep into their culinary bag of tricks, sometimes the over abundance of combining great flavors can become too much to handle for anyone looking to continue on with their evening after eating. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Recipes To Get Your Mind Right: Mixed Drink Recipes from the Great Googa Mooga, in Brooklyn

Last weekend, New Yorkers relished the opportunity to take in the best the city had to offer in the way of music, food & drinks at the annual Googa Mooga festival in Brooklyn.  Despite a rainy backdrop, thousands of adults packed Prospect Park to listen to the likes of Matt & Kim and The Flaming Lips while sipping on some top-notch cocktails made by a few premier NYC mixologists.
Knowing that our readers love strong drinks, one of our good friends shot us a few recipes they had booming in their booth at the event. With names like Quiet Storm & One More Chance, yeah the groups performing might have been a bit on the rock side, but the drinks sounded all Hip Hop. Over all the 3 day event saw over 50 food vendors and 75 beer and alcohol manufacturers do their thing for the lovely people of BK. Heavyweights from the big East Coast in the form of food and drink on hand serving up everything from duck sausage to grilled Maine lobster and Guiness stout brownies to fois gras doughnuts, this years food line up was something to behold.

Check out these drink recipes for new ways to kick up your next back yard function, picnic or whatever you choose to call it.
Enjoy Responsibly.

Uncle Buck
1 ¼ oz Tequila Don Julio Blanco
¾ oz Pineapple Juice
½ oz Fresh Lime Juice
1/3 oz Ginger Syrup
1 tsp Green Chartreuse

Combine Don Julio Blanco, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, ginger syrup and green chartreuse in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
Shake well
Strain contents into Collins cocktail glass over fresh ice.

Quiet Storm
1 oz Bulleit Bourbon
¾ ounce lemon juice
1 oz extra dry vermouth
¼ oz simple syurp
Top with ginger beer

Combine all ingredients into a mixing tin
Strain contents into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice.
Garnish with 1 mint sprig and lemon

One More Chance
1 ¼ oz George Dickel Rye
¼ oz Gran Classico bitters
¼ oz maple syrup
¾ oz lemon juice

Combine all ingredients into a mixing tin
Strain contents into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice.
Garnish with 1 orange half wheel

Monday, May 20, 2013

Behind The Scenes: Las Vegas Uncork'd 2013

The seventh annual Vegas Uncork’d kicked off in front of MGM Grand’s infamous bronze lion statue where 40 chefs from Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand gathered to mark the official beginning of festivities. After each chef was presented with a customized, hand-painted magnum of Mionetto Prosecco, attention turned to Michael Mina. He was filled with excitement as he sabered a bottle of bubbly while Joel Robuchon applauded with approval. There were rounds of cheers from both chefs and spectators as the sparkling wine exploded out.

Later in the evening, Caesars Palace hosted a series of Master Series Dinners where Guy Savoy, Bobby Flay, François Payard, the Pellegrino Family, Gordon Ramsay, Thomas Buckley and Michel Richard served up signature dishes at the same time to a crowd of hungry diners.

Internationally renowned chef and restaurateur Guy Savoy welcomed guests to his Caesars Palace restaurant for a multi-course meal at Dinnertime Decadence with Guy Savoy. In less than a year after opening, Savoy's first restaurant received a coveted Michelin Star. Guests at the dinner enjoyed Lobster, Jumbo Lump Crab and Beets in Cold Steam, Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup and Roasted Duck, Pea Puree, Morels and Canon of Carrot. 
(click read more for the entire story)

Las Vegas Uncork'd 2013: Grand Tasting @ The Garden of The Gods Oasis Pool, Caesar's Palace (Photos)

This years Las Vegas Uncork’d 2013, was something to behold. It isn’t often you can attend a multitude of parties designed to indulge ones gastronomic desires all while rubbing elbows with the most celebrated names in the culinary world. We were able to catch a few great photos and snack on an assortment of feats directly from the minds that control the most sought after kitchens around the globe. Although bon appetite magazine presented the entire affair, a myriad of public relation firms, hotel marketing teams and many other companies helped to make all of these wonderful events achieve the results everyone was anticipating.

Hitting up the Grand Tasting at the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis at Caesars Palace we were amongst the mob of people looking to get their hands on freshly prepared canapés from the likes of Chuys Tacos, Gordon Ramsay Steak, Hypnotiq, Don Q Rum, Aureole, Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak and many more. It was interesting to see everyone’s approach to eating so much food in such a tight space, being that everyone was so elegantly dressed. With Chefs like Morimoto, Boon, Colicchio and Ramsay walking amongst the crowd it was truly a foodies dream to be able to shake hands, show some love and enjoy a great cocktail in this atmosphere.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Finding Heaven in the City of Sin: Ferraro's Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar, Las Vegas

Moments shared over an astounding meal seem to provide memories that can last a lifetime. First dates much like a perfectly prepared meal should be savored, flowing smoothly from start to finish without any distractions. A first date or an important business meeting can quickly turn sour, should some unscrupulous food make its way into the mix. Be honest with yourself, not too many things can compare to sitting in an intimate location, looking into the eyes of someone you find yourself hopelessly falling for, eating bite after delicious bite of handmade old-world gourmet faire.

World renowned for its never ending, over the top excesses in all categories of life, the Las Vegas Strip draws foodies, thrill seekers, gamblers and lovers in by the millions annually.  And what better way to keep your guests stuck at the gambling tables than by stuffing them with delicacies created by big name celebrity Chefs? The problem with many of the new eateries helmed by these über Chefs becomes not only getting a reservation but, eating creations that resemble outer space creatures instead of delicious food. Not to say pushing the culinary envelope isn’t needed in this day and age, we strongly believe that taking things to the next level will help elevate everyone’s palates. But what about those nights when you want a dish that was created a few hundred years ago and can only be found in select regions further away than you’re willing to travel? In steps a place like Ferraro’s, an Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar that hands down has everyone beat on the strip when it comes to dishing out authentic Italian cuisine.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Buttermilk Biscuits w/ Guava Jelly

When you wake up in the morning and you start to yawn… that means it is time to make some breakfast and get yourself ready for the day. With breakfast comes the needed energy and nutrition to help power through the day until your next big meal. That is unless you are making breakfast in bed for either yourself or someone else and if that is the case, well then you need to check out these buttermilk biscuits that will surely set the day off on the right foot.
Light and fluffy, not dense and dry is our theory when it comes to making biscuits and this simple, tried and true recipe produces just what the Doctor ordered when it comes to having a little something, something to sop up your morning gravy with.
Remember to not over work the dough when rolling it out, or that will surely result in dry, heavy, disgusting biscuits.
After the biscuits come out of the oven, we like to slice em open with a fork (that helps to create nooks and crannies) and slather a bit of Guava Jelly & Butter inside to help give the rest of the meal some extra kick.
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Four Mother's Day Libations Fit For A Queen (Mixed Drink Recipes)

When Mimosas just no longer cut the mustard for your Mom, make sure you check out this list of libations built for a Queen (or King.) Mother’s Day is right around the corner so don’t be that guy or girl who plans to show their Mom some love at the last minute, resulting in a crappy gift and brunch at a packed restaurant. 

Show some class this year, by making a few cocktails to pre-game up before you take Mom somewhere she has never been to eat. Some people love flowers while others love getting liquored up and if your guest of honor sways towards the latter, well then let us help you out with some incredibly easy but amazingly elegant looking and tasting drink recipes. 

The Supreme Plate wishes to say “Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms found around the World.” Whether you raised your own or someone else’s children the World appreciates all that you real women have done for us over the years.

To my Mother, I couldn’t have gotten this far without you and hope that I am making ya proud.

Having brunch out or at home with the fam? Order or mix up the Maple Collins – a perfect drink that goes well with any Mother’s Day brunch celebration.

Maple Collins
1.5 oz. Crown Royal Maple
.5 oz. Lemon Juice
1.5 oz. Pineapple Juice
2 dash Angostura Bitters
.5 Simple Syrup

Mix ingredients in a shaker, top with club soda and strain into a Collins glass. Garnish with half an orange slice and a cheery.
(click Read More for all of the recipes)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Arby's King's Hawaiian Sandwiches and Surfing How Could Life Be Any Better?

This post brought to you by Arby's. All opinions are 100% mine.

Arby’s us excited to announce a creative twist to the beloved classic Roast Beef Sandwich, with the new introduction of their delicious new King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & the King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss. Basically take one of the most amazing sandwiched you can find across the Nation and add to it the best bread that could be made in mass and voila there you have it “Roast-Beef-Atopia” as Arby’s calls it. Served hot and made to order on fresh King’s Hawaiian Rolls guests who do choose the King’s Hawaiian Sandwiches can also enjoy the fact that these two new additions are also given the preferential treatment by adding an extra helping of that juicy thin slice Roast Beef. To celebrate this new partnership, Arby's is hosting a Hawaiian Getaway sweepstakes to offer customers a chance at surfing in true paradise. Arby’s KING’S HAWAIIAN roast beef sandwich 

The grand prize winner will receive a trip for two, for a four-night stay in Honolulu, HI, plus a premium group lesson at one of the island’s premier surf schools, Hawaiian Fire. To enter and get all of the juicy details, check out Arby’s Hawaiian Getaway Sweepstakes from April 29th to May 26th.

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The Food Holidays of May 2013

May is truly a great month is Southern California. The weather starts to really warm up, the clothes become brighter (and less abundant for you perverts in need of a little visual stimulation) and that means one great thing, life as we know it is about to go Poolside.

May is the National Month of:
National Asparagus Month
National Barbeque Month
National Chocolate Custard Month
National Egg Month
National Gazpacho Aficionado Month
National Hamburger Month
National Salad Month
National Salsa Month
National Strawberry Month

The 1st week of May is, National Raisin Week
The 2nd week of May is, National Hamburger Week
The 3rd week of May is, International Pickles Week        
The 4th week of May is, National Frozen Yogurt Week
The 4th week of May is also, National American Beer Week

Memorial Day Monday is National Barbeque Day
Memorial Day Monday is also, National Hamburger & Cheeseburger Day

May 1                  National Chocolate Parfait Day        
May 2                  National Truffles Day
May 3                  National Raspberry Tart Day
May 4                  National Homebrew Day
May 4                  National Orange Juice Day
May 4                  National Candied Orange Peel Day
May 5                  National Chocolate Custard Day
May 5                  Cinco De Mayo Recipes Day
May 5                  National Hoagie Day
May 5                  Oyster Day
May 6                  National Crepes Suzette Day
May 6                  International No Diet Day
May 7                  National Roast Leg of Lamb Day
May 8                  National Empanada Day
May 9                  National Butterscotch Brownie Day
May 10                National Shrimp Day

May 11         Eat What You Want Day
May 12         National Nutty Fudge Day
May 13         National Fruit Cocktail Day
May 14         National Buttermilk Biscuit Day
May 15         National Chocolate Chip Day
May 16         National Coquilles St. Jacques Day
May 17         National Cherry Cobbler Day
May 18         National Cheese Souffle Day
May 19         National Devil’s Food Cake Day
May 20         National Quiche Lorraine Day
May 20         Pick Strawberries Day

May 21         National Strawberries & Cream Day
May 22         National Vanilla Pudding Day        
May 23         National Taffy Day
May 24         National Escargot Day
May 25         National Wine Day
May 26         National Blueberry Cheesecake Day        
May 26         National Cherry Dessert Day
May 27         National Grape Popsicle Day
May 28         National Brisket Day
May 29         National Coq Au Vin Day
May 30         National Mint Julep Day
May 31         National Macaroon Day