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"Singing A Song For My Mother" - Hamilton Bohannon

"I Don't Want To Know" - Mass Production

"Pride & Vanity" - Ohio Players

Edwards Dessert's Doing The Holidays Justice

This post brought to you by Edwards. All opinions are 100% mine.

Pie and the holidays go hand in hand. The great people over at Edwards Crème pies have been running a campaign to keep everyone full of pie as well as doing a good deed for the holidays. You see for every pie you purchase during the months of November and December, Edwards Dessert’s will be donating a portion of the sales to Toys for Tots. If you want to really give someone a fresh gift, send them an invite to the microsite where they can redeem a printable coupon good for discounts on all kinds of delicious pies.

The site is incredibly easy to use, fun for everyone of all ages and most importantly it allows you hook people up with delectable treats like our favorite the Key Lime Pie or our runner up the Strawberry Crème Pie.

Edwards Amazing Key Lime Pie. 

Nothing compares to having a huge slice of pie right after eating a filling savory meal. Especially when that pie is as amazing as the premium Key Lime Pie Edwards Crème pies sells.
Make sure you check out the site so you can send an e-card to your loved ones this holiday season. First things first, you have to go over to Edwards Facebook page and give it a like, then enter to win our drawing for your chance to win a free pie as well as $20.00 from The Supreme Plate & the amazing people over at Edwards Dessert’s. The winner of the contest will also have $20.00 donated in their name to the Toys for Tots foundation courtesy of Edwards Dessert’s.
Readers on our site know the benefits of leaving comments, so make sure to leave comments tellings us what flavors you liked best as well as who you would like to see benefit from sending out your e-card. For those daring cooks out there who have no fears, let us know how you used an Edwards Frozen Dessert to your advantage at your last major holiday function, there is something that can be said about saving time, money and headaches from having to clean up.
Enter to win now & enjoy a good evening with a few slices of pie. For more info on what amazing flavors Edwards offers, how the charity work is going, recipe ideas and much much more check out:

Monday, December 24, 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Never Can Say Goodbye" - Raekwon

Raekwon returns with another king status type of track entitled “Never Can Say Goodbye” featuring a killer Jackson 5 sample. The Lost Jewelry mixtape is on the way as is another full length LP which @Raekwon will be announcing the title too on Jan 1st. 2013

Download Link Found After The Jump:

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

...Thought I Was A Donut You Tried To Glaze Me

Rakim showing what it means to be a real MC.

(2:15 for the slowpokes)

Sometimes All You Need is A Quick Getaway - Carnival Inspiration

The start of a New Year can bring about such a positive charge of energy that people feel as if they can conquer any problem presented to them. You could go so far as to say that the world is their oyster and with that delicious bivalve mollusk they want all the pearls it may have to offer. Being a member of certain clubs obviously has its advantages whether it be your local mass grocery merchant or a vacation & travel line that rewards its customers with perks only a fool would turn down. If you follow our site, you know that we love traveling as should everyone, simply because it is relaxing and enlightening. Not everyone can afford to take the amount of time off that is needed to get anywhere they haven’t already been without it costing them dearly one way or another.

 A 3 or 4 day vacation is the kind of thing to look into when faced with timing issues and one of the best ways to maximize your fun is take a quick weekend cruise to Baja Mexico with Carnival aboard the Carnival Inspiration. Imagine being able to start having a blast from the moment you arrive at the port in Long Beach, heading to Catalina and enjoying a day of great eating, relaxing and drinking then heading to Ensenada for some great shopping and even better eating. 
While all of this is going on your still able to partake in all of the great benefits you would enjoy on a week long cruise such as; romantic gourmet dining, spa treatments, comedy shows and shore excursions.

The Shore Excursions offered for these trips come at an exceptional value, especially the Bufadora Adventure and the Baja Bandidos Horseback Trail Ride. 

Being a member of Carnivals VIFP club is where the benefits start to build up, because each day you cruise with them all adds up towards your being a higher ranked member in their program. The higher your rank, the more free goodies, bonus days and upgrades you receive. So think of it this way, take a few 3 or 4 day cruises here and there and the next thing you know, your entitled to a week-long stay for free in a marvelous suite.
The Carnival Inspiration features all of the 2.0 upgrades which has the waterworks area that is great for the kids, the Mongolian wok buffet area, the coveted Chef’s Table and of course their fully equipped luxurious spas that feature some of the most amazing treatments and massages to help erase all of your worries.

For more information check the Carnival Inspiration and it’s entire itinerary out at:

Monday, December 17, 2012

Build & Destroy Brand, Serious Clothing from Southern California

In an era where the majority of new clothing lines being released are looking to get rich by stealing an established brands logo and making it “their own”, Build & Destroy Brand stands out, merely because they display a bit of simplistic originality.

Making comfortable & stylish garments such as crewneck sweaters, shirts, hoodies, hats and more, this lifestyle driven brand is poised to be a surefire hit in the streets. Coming straight out of California, the brand embraces the MMA lifestyle and looks to be a solid competitor with brands such as Crooks & Castles and Diamond Supply (without looking like a bunch of punk hipsters who need a serious talking too or slap upside the head.)

Check out their look-book and support a brand that believes in building something from nothing, not biting to get ahead.

Where Should You Go for Christmas Eve Dinner? Taste on Melrose

Pie Hard - Hanksy

Pie Hard by Hanksy

Avocados From Mexico Wish You Happy Holidays

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Chronic Turns 20 Years Old Today

I’m having a hard time believing that 20 years ago today, I walked into the local Warehouse w/ my older brother, with one task at hand, at all costs I had to buy Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” CD.
The Chronic, an album that completely changed the landscape of Rap Music and how mainstream culture regarded how Hip Hop on a National level. Every state took notice of what was coming out of the Death Row Records camp and whether they wish to admit it or not, at that very moment, The West Coast had taken over the rap game.

Thanks to a team of devoted emcees & neighborhood homeboys (who were all to down to kick up dust,) even your favorite rappers, rapper was shook up about what would happen if they ran into Suge, Dre, Snoop, The Dogg Pound or any of their affiliates at that time. I can't even lie, this album changed my life forever.

Friday, December 14, 2012

ROTD: Mexican Style Fish Stew

We got an amazing amount of hits and requests in the in box for a spicier version of the Fish Stew we posted yesterday, so we decided we would lace you up with a recipe straight from a local Mexican restaurant we have been hitting up for years. The owner an older woman from Sinaloa, told me that she has been making this recipe for over 40 years. 
She says she hasn’t changed a thing (other than using canned tomatoes instead of fresh ones & frozen corn when fresh corn isn’t available.) When she gave me this recipe I’ll never forget how I felt like I was part of their family, to me her giving me a recipe exactly how she does it was an honor.
I have made this stew countless times and have never been let down.
(click read more for the Entire Recipe)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beastie Boys Live in Glasgow 1999


The Supreme Plate obviously has a heavy Hip Hop influence only because, well because that’s the culture we grew up fighting for and being a part of. Even though the times have changed as has the music and mode of dress, we haven’t given up on the lifestyle that formed us into what we are today. 

Having been alive and able to witness some of the greatest acts to ever touch a microphone or turntable we feel it is out duty to post a show from one of the greatest groups to ever do this thing called rap, The Beastie Boys. 

Yes we know at times their music wasn’t what was some called rap, but from day one until this very day that is exactly what they have embodied was the Hip Hop Culture and spirit. We arent going to waste any time telling you who they are as you should already know.

Turn this on, let it play in the background and enjoy a great live show.

Cold Weather calls for Spicy Fish Stew

Like the great Louis Armstrong once sang, “Baby Its Cold Outside” and when those temperatures drop, having something warm to eat is essential to avoiding getting sick. The thing is, you can only eat so many hot sandwiches and bowls of chicken noodle soup before you begin to go crazy. 

So here we go with a quick and easy recipe for a Fish Stew that should take you no more than 15 or 20 minutes from start to finish and will leave you feeling full and warm but still light on your feet and not in need of a nap.

(click read more for the Entire Recipe)

All Gold Everything

Gold all on my burger… 

"Schmaltz" The App

It would tickle my Grandmother pink to know that a James Beard Award winning author released an iPad app praising the most underused and underrated natural recipe enhancer ever made, “Schmaltz.”

Michael Ruhlman, recently released what is being hailed as a “Love Song to a ForgottenFat” which consists of 25 or so recipes on how to make, use & store the precious “liquid gold” that our Great Grandmothers brought our families up on. Featuring old world recipes for matzo Ball Soup, Kishke, Kreplach Dumplings and even updated ones like Chicken Confit, this app is a must have for cooks looking to add a bit of old world soul to their repertoire.

At least Ruhlman is able to take a poke at himself by stating “I realize it may be presumptuous for a Goy to be writing about the fat of Ashkenazi Jews,” which lets you  know the book is light hearted and meant to bring a bit of joy into peoples lives hits holiday season.
Check out trailer for the app, which is available on iTunes; SCHMALTZ

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Recipe Of The Day: Caribbean Beef Stew

When we returned from Turks & Caicos we found ourselves craving three things, Jerked Chicken, Slow Cooked Spicy Beef & Strong Rum Drinks. I recently stopped by a favorite spot I frequent in Hollywood that makes some of the best authentic Jamaican food to be found on the West Coast. 
I was talking to the Chef and he told me that his secret was slow cooking the beef with a hint of allspice, sugar and cumin. 

The spices the Chef told me about added to the broth an amazingly dark color and a flavor that words could do no justice too when describing its taste. We’ve worked on the format over the last few months and feel that this Slow Cooked Spicy Beef recipe is something that needs to be shared.
(click read more for the entire recipe)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Keep The Holidays Sweet w/ Sugar Fix Desserts

Check out Sugar Fix Desserts for all of your holiday baking needs. If you can’t decide whether to snatch up a few dozen cupcakes or cookies, try one of their Signature Sampler packs that includes: your choice of any 4 Cupcakes, 2 Teacakes, 6 Cookies, a Pound Cake and a S’more Bar.
If your looking for something to take to the office this season to provide some entertainment, then pick up one their Breakfast Samplers which includes: 
4 Large Muffins, 3 Scones & 3 Teacakes

After you drop it off in the break-room, sit back and watch grown adults act a fool over some deliciously great treats.
Quantities are limited so make sure to order yours in advance.
Sugar Fix Desserts can be found at:
63 S. Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 396-9402

Raekwon Who Shot Ya (Freestyle)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Beyonce X Pepsi = $50m & One Hell of a Show Slated for Superbowl 2013

As if Beyonce didn’t already “Run The World” the incredibly beautiful and talented Mrs. Carter has now signed on to be the newest superstar spokesperson for PepsiCo. Pepsi being the shrewd businessmen they are have given creative control over the campaign to Beyonce, who will not only perform during the Pepsi Halftime Show at Super Bowl XLVII, but will also be unveiling a newly designed Pepsi can that will sport Beyonce’s face right next to the Pepsi logo. When asked why Pepsi, Beyonce responded "Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve. As a businesswoman,, this allows me to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromise and without sacrificing my creativity." 
For those that don't remember this isn't the first go time Beyonce and Pepsi have worked together, in fact she has been repping the brand since the early 2000's and after signing this new $50m dollar venture, it doesn't appear that the two will be ending their business relationship anytime soon. Congrats on getting another huge check.

What we don’t understand is why would Pepsi release the cans in Europe first.

Check the rest of the photos after the jump… 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Big Boi Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors

We usually don’t take too much time to promote new music that is being released because music really isn’t our thing anymore (yeah I know we have multiple plaques for hard years of work in the music industry) we just feel like the game has changed too much for the worse during our lifetime. 

That being said, we wanted to take a minute to briefly say that on Tuesday December 11th, 2012 Big Boi of Outkast will be releasing his 2nd (3rd if you consider that Purple Ribbon tape to be a real album) much to his fans delight. From what we have heard of the album (ok we’ve heard the whole thing and are playing it as we write this) the album is incredible much like his Son of Chico Dusty album that came out a few years ago.

Do yourself a favor and buy the album, don’t bootleg it. This is the type of music we all keep screaming that no one is making anymore, so support someone who obviously is putting a gang of time in crafting another masterpiece.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Making Health Care Fun & Worth Having, Blue Shield of CA

This post brought to you by © Blue Shield of California. All opinions are 100% mine.
Everyone (and we do mean EVERYONE) at one time or another has had an ailment that either put them in a tremendous amount of pain & discomfort or even worse, required a trip to the Doctors office in search of answers as to why they feel so horrible.  Blue Shield of CA knows how hard it can be to find the time to get to the Doctor as well as how expensive it can be.

With holidays that have a prerequisite of consuming massive amounts of food steadily approaching now is the time to familiarize yourself with Dr. Jim & his sidekick Bob. Dr. Jim & his sidekick Bob are a new feature that can be found on Blue Shield of CA's website who provide a plethora of information on a myriad of topics from Sunburn, Snoring, Insomnia to Diarrhea & Constipation, these guys have you covered from top to bottom (literally!) And if you dont believe us, check out all of their informative videos.

For more information head on over to their facebook page, like it and get yourself updated on just how easy it is to protect yourself from unwanted illnesses as well as invest into the most important thing this world has to offer, YOURSELF.
Dr. Jim and Bob's Fun & Helpful Health Advice

With so many topics readily available to discuss, taking a bit of time to be proactive about providing yourself and your family a healthy future seems to be such an effortless job now. We know that dealing with medical companies is usually the last thing anyone wants to do, but when your fortunate enought to have to deal with a company who is not for profit, easier to access than your average doctor and affordable, you really cant lose. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Check Out The Latest Flavors from Fortune Cookie Clothing

Known for making some of the flyest crewnecks, tanktops, hoodies and t-shirts and hailing from The Mighty West Coast, Fortune Cookie Clothing has something to fit everyone’s needs. Whether your looking for something to keep you warm during the next few Winter months or something to show off all your tats and hard work in the gym, this is one brand that is built on pleasing their customers with quality constructed garments that always garner just the right amount of attention.

Check the site for the rest of the lineup…

The Baka Boyz & OC Productions Presents... Winter Takeover Turn Up!

Captain Morgan Holiday Punch Recipes

As Hanukkah, Christmas & New Years rapidly approach, having the right libations to serve your guests (should you be having a party) is as crucial as making sure they don’t drive home drunk. Nothing says “we are getting turned up tonight” like a big bowl of perfectly blended and festively colored punch. These two recipes are classics in our kitchen and go a long way with house party guests especially when the temperatures are steadily dropping outside.
Enjoy Responsibly.

Privateer’s Punch
Captain Morgan® Black Privateer Punch
(For a Crew of 35)
1 bottle Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum (750ml)
3 bottles of Red Wine (750ml)
2 Oranges (washed & sliced)
2 Lemons (washed & sliced)      
½ lb Cherries (washed & pitted)
1 liter Pepsi or Coke

Chill all  of the ingredients.
In a large punch bowl, crush the fresh fruit to extract the juices.
Combine all of the liquids and add a large block of ice.
Serve the punch in wine glasses with pieces of fruit.

Two (2) 46-ounce cans of pineapple juice
3 cups Mango juice
1 bottle of Captain Morgan® Original Spiced Rum (750ml)
4.5 oz of grenadine
3 Oranges (washed, sliced thinly and quartered)
3 cans of Sprite for carbonation

In a punch bowl or large serving vessel, add the above ingredients and stir.
Serve over ice in a punch-glass or the glass of your choosing.