Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fly Shit. Action Bronson "Shiraz"

You will soon be acquainted with this gentleman if his career takes the path it is destined too.
Much Respect to Fly Lyrics and Fresh Food References Galore!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

National Almond Day - Citrus Trout Almondine (Made Easy)

The classics never die. Movies, Music and Foods included certain things just are meant to be with us forever. Today is National Almond Day. Instead of making some kind of dessert with an Almond Paste, we decided to make a play on a classic Entrée much like your starting to see popping up on a lot of restaurants menus, Trout Almondine.
Trout Almondine is typically Trout Meuniere just served with toasted Almonds. Now what the hell is Meuniere you may ask, well that just is a French word for both a sauce and method of preparation. In this case we are skipping the common step of dredging the fish in flour, to keep the dish a little lighter and healthier and instead of making a sauce and pouring it over the fish, we are cooking the fish in its own juice and a high powered version of its former self. The almonds toast themselves lovely while wrapped in the foil and the Olive Oil lends to the fishes delicate flavors perfectly.
For those of you out there looking for a new way to cook an old classic, well this may not be new technically, but it is fun and goes great with some roasted potatoes or pineapple jasmine rice.
Enjoy National Almond Day.

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Sample Check - Foster Sylvers "Misdemeanor"

How Many Classic Songs, Sampled A Few Bars From This...

#FoodHolidays - National GumDrop Day

Today is National Gumdrop Day. Take two minutes and get a box, then think back about all the years you spent eating stuff, that later in life you probably wouldn't touch with someone else's hands.

But what really needs to be spoken on is the fact that many of the classics my generation grew up eating, have fallen by the wayside and cant seem to gain any momentum to get back to top shelf of the candy aisle. Long gone of the days of such classics as:
Button Candy, something I remember eating like it was going out of style, even if it might have been glued to a piece of paper.

But we must admit it, that long gone are the hay-days for some of the most classic candy anyone could ever imagine eating.
With everything going in the direction of the health and political correctness, numerous staples that we all once enjoyed are all but a distant memory.
Cherry Clans had to be renamed because cats just weren't feeling the Racial Tones. Can't say as I blame them, Lord knows I sure wouldn't cop a box of candy if they were called "Yarmulke Heads"

Old Alexander The Grape, never stood a chance, he had to become simply A Grape Head.

So today, take a moment and hit up your local .99 cent spot and enjoy all the good old fashioned candy you don't even take time to remember anymore.
It is a National holiday, after all.

NIKE x KOBE = Eggplant Freshness

A couple of weeks ago NIKE announced Kobe Bryant was getting his own line of largely comprised of t-shirts and various Nike Sportswear pieces such as the N98 Track Jacket and the Destroyer Jacket.

If you peep the NikeBlog then you noticed that they mentioned then, that the collection will include a “couple of classic, and nouveau-classic, shoes.” Here is a detailed look at the KOBE Nike Air Force 1 Low Supreme and KOBE Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite “Eggplant”—release date scheduled for this Thursday, February 17th at select retailers nationwide.

Now what does that mean to us here at TSP, well for one we don’t play basketball, many of you know this, but having some incredibly fly footwear is one of the most crucial things in life. These Eggplant joints fit perfect into our wardrobe and for that they are considered a must.

Imagine rocking the Eggplant Forces, while snacking on a plate of Eggplant Parmesan, you cant got wrong, looking fresher than your local produce markets sales of the week.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Soulful Sunday - Five Stairsteps "Danger She's A Stranger"

This type of melody just makes me move throughout my day without much hassle, it kind of just eases the tensions from whatever you may be going through. Enjoy the Outkast Sample.

Monday, February 7, 2011

RIP Big Pun The First Platinum Latin Hip Hop Artist

For anyone that was lucky enough to meet Big Pun, you know already he was a genuine person, who cared deeply for his friends, his family and this Hip Hop thing of ours. He left us way too soon and will never be replaced. From the first time I met him outside the House of Blues in LA, to the day i received the call about his passing, I knew every time I saw him I would get bear hug a solid pound and a few jokes about how my lil ass must be starving myself. Rest In Peace Pun.

And for those that thought Pun couldn't flip the verbs and nouns with the Best of Them (Shout Out to Black Thought of The Roots) Here is a gem that shows his Supreme Powers on the Mic

And Pun was heavy out here inthe West Coast. Linking up with Mack 10, MC Eiht & CJ Mac for this killer slept on video.

Nike Air Force 1 "All Star White Metallic Gold / Black"

These fresh little biddies are also being released in honor of the great money making event that is "NBA All Star Weekend"

Nike Air Force 1 "All-Star White/ Glass Blue Max Orange"

Just in time for the All Star Mayhem, I mean game taking place in Los Angeles. Out of towners beware, Chain Snatching and things of that nature are at an all time high in CA.
The shoes are still fresh none the less.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sample Check - Galt MacDermot's First Natural Hair Band "Ripped Apart By Metal Explosions"

Come On Wit The Get Down, Come On Wit The Get Down!

National Carrot Cake Day

These days, no one wants to be caught using a store bought box of cake mix, when all of these television shows make it look so easy. The thing about that thought right there is, not many people have ever taken the time to make a cake completely from scratch so they have no clue as to what kind of consistency they are looking for in either the batter or the icing.

This recipe right here is a true classic. It was given to me by a friend whose Grandmother ran a cake company in Atlanta for many, many years. She had her business together and her recipe down cold, so cold that she almost made it to the grave without giving it to anyone.

Today being National Carrot Cake Day, I figured I would pull it out and flash the goods one time to let everyone know what time it is. Ok people get your mind out of the gutters, I am talking about the Carrot Cake recipe (for the time being anyways.)
Enjoy this recipe, print it out and keep it in a safe spot, you never know when you may have to showcase your skills to your family or friends and this right here, shows you mean business.