Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cutlery That Could Change Your Life

The cleaver. No we are not talking about some outdated family sitcom from the days of black and white TV, we are talking about the mighty piece of steel used to hack through chicken and fish bones in the kitchen. These often times king sized, overly menacing looking tools are great to have when the time comes for breaking down some rather large sized cuts of meat. Unless you are truly skilled with the use of a knife, you would never want to chance damaging your Chefs knife when trying to scythe a chicken or massive catfish full of bones.

The only problem with a lot of the cleavers on the market is that they have no versatility, they are overly heavy, clunker type pieces of metal that constantly need honing because of the cheap methods used to create them. Typical cleavers do not go from chomping through bones like a wild animal to finely mincing up herbs, dicing onions or performing intricate cuts on delicate items like garlic without doing some damage. A little known fact, when overly minced, Garlic’s flavor becomes drastically changed for the worse due to the excessive amounts of carbon dioxide it receives.

If you were up on the site when we did some of our previous knife reviews, you would know that the Mac Knives passed with flying colors in every single test we put them through. After over using their tools in our kitchen for a month, they are still holding up true to form like they did the day we received them. This time around we ran through a myriad of tests with their SD-65, Cleaver Knife.
Check the rest of the story for how amazed we were at what this knife could do when put to the test.

First off the knife came out of the box incredibly sharp and ready for war, I mean use in the kitchen. We broke down two whole chickens into 8 pieces each rather quickly and cleanly having no issues when cutting through the chicken bones. This knife is light on the wrists and hands, but not so light that you have to put all of your weight into every cut your attempting to make.

In America it is common to find boneless skinless chicken, but in most Asian and European nations that is not the norm. Boneless / Skinless chicken in those nations is often used for porridge or for those who cannot handle working with bones. So to find a cleaver in these kitchens is very common. A knife such as the Mac SD-65 would be ideal for anyone looking to own a cleaver that performs well time after time.
Maintaining this knife is extremely easy, so do not be alarmed that you will have to eventually seek out some overpriced knife-sharpening store who may do more harm than good to your knives.

After using the knife to break down the chickens, we took it on a few runs through various forms of produce and were rather amazed at our findings. It made short work of 2 bulbs of garlic, a few sprigs of thyme, some parsley and a few potatoes. 

All in all we were beyond impressed. 
Besides there really isn't much in this world cooler than owning a big sharp piece of metal that can multi task like no other tool. And that is exactly what the Mac Cleaver (SD-65) does.
Don't believe us, check this photo out and tell us we're wrong...
Ok so maybe she isn't holding this exact item we are speaking about, but it was a cool thought.

You can check the amazing SD-65 cleaver by MAC out online at or purchase it at 

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