Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mac Knives MTH-80 Chef Knife Review (Revisited)

To some people cutting vegetables into fine dices and breaking big sides of various proteins down into serving size portions is just impossible. Well then again in this day and age some people probably think cows just fall into the cuts of steak we eat when they magically pass away. 
When taking into consideration the amount of skill needed to pull off fine dining plating skills, one must consider the tools used and how much of an important roll they really play. 
True many of us know some great cooks (in their houses) who perform night after night, creating amazing dishes that could stand up against any top rated chef in the nation. But when your paying top dollar for something, to put it bluntly it better look good damn it.

I love being able to check the mailbox and finding some brand new products just yearning to be tested out. Yesterday I walked in to find a package from the good guys over at Mac Knife Inc. After checking out some of our reviews they offered to throw their products into the arena, against some of the other high ends brands you have seen and will be seeing over the next few days. To make the story simple and sweet, Mac came in and cleaned the kitchen out.

In the first of a 3 part series please enjoy our review of the MTH-80 Chef's Knife.
We have stated quite a few times the way we go about things here is not always the conventional method. But if it werent for people such ourselves who would look out for the normal citizens who have no clue what to look for when making major purchases for their homes and kitchens. While conducting the 2 tests (it only took 2 before realizing what kind of gold we were working with) it was purely delightful to say the very least as to what kind of problems Mac Knives can help people overcome when used and maintained properly.
We effortlessly diced up a few potatoes and sliced up some lovely bell peppers and even went as far as to break down that beef tenderloin we just got at the local butcher into some lovely Filet Mignons. The MTH-80 performed well during each test and when finished sliced a fresh tomato in razor sharp fashion with smooth edged cuts, evenly from top to bottom. 

A lot of people understand what I am talking about when I say even from top to bottom because that hack of a knife they are using at home is leaving them with door stop wedge cuts when they need those perfectly thin rounds for their Pommes Anna

The Mac MTH-80 is light in the hand and easy on the wrist when making mound upon mound of your favorite fruit or vegetable. The knife is well built with a sturdy blade that can withstand years of use with minimal maintenance needed. Routine sharpening alongside keeping your knife clean and dry can help to add years to your fine piece of cutlery. 
If ever we put our stamp of approval on a product today is that day. The MTH-80 available online at AMAZON.COM and at your local fine cutlery dealers is the knife to beat as of now in our Spring Slice Chef Knife Review. Check back tomorrow for another peak at the Mac SB-105 & Mac SD-65. Other manufacturers boast of how their knives are constructed to cover up their ability to perform in the kitchen. Being that they are stamped not forged, they result in a lighter knife, that is thinner at the blade leaving nothing but perfect cuts every time. 

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