Thursday, April 4, 2013

Busta Rhymes Flips Out in Miami Over His Hamburger....

Busta Rhymes is no stranger to controversy. He has over the years been involved in fist fights, shootouts that left his bodyguard & close friend slain and more recently got caught up yelling at homosexuals and business owners because of their inability to serve him his hamburger as he so ordered. Reportedly Mr. Smith had the police called on him for yelling obscenities at Stephanie Vitori & her staff at late night Miami hangout Cheeseburger Baby when his burger arrived with ketchup, salt, pepper and mayo on the side (something Cheeseburger Baby does with every order, to prevent soggy buns.) After calling Vitori and her employees a series of “F*gs & B!tches” Bussa Buss down something left the scene with his burger in tow. Vitori, a lesbian said she has hosted thousands of late night customers, many of whom are celebrities and has never felt so “degraded.” 

Last time I got a good look at Busta Rhymes, he seemed to be back in the gym and on his get in shape grind, which means he most likely is back on his no bullshit practices. People want to say he is on steroids, but I refuse to speculate on that. A while back a video surfaced where Pharrell was talking about how Busta Rhymes was unwilling to talk to legendary & now openly gay rapper Afrika Baby Bambaataa (of Jungle Brothers fame) because of his mode of dress and overtly gay mannerisms. Many people speculate that his over the top comments are due to his feelings being hurt that his ex girlfriend who is the mother of his 3 children is now a lesbian. Whatever the reasons may be for his wildin’, get it together Busta, cause no one wants to see you in jail or broke from the lawsuits these kinds of things can bring about. 

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