Wednesday, April 3, 2013

CRUMBS Celebrates Nestle Crunch's 75th Birthday

CRUMBS Bake Shop is celebrating Nestle Crunch’s 75th Birthday with a custom Crunch bar cupcake, sold at all locations for the month of April! In honor of their birthday celebration, CRUMBS is competing with 16 other bakeries for the best dessert made with a Crunch bar!

The CRUMBS Nestle Crunch cupcake has a blondie base with Crunch chunks baked inside of a moist chocolate cake. It’s topped with chocolate butter cream, a mini cookie, a mini Nestle Crunch bar and all drizzled with chocolate ganache.

If you like the sound of that, head on over to Nestle Crunch’s Facebook page and vote for 
CRUMBS for the 75th Birthday Showdown for the best Nestle Crunch dessert!  

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