Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boodles British Gin

Gin doesn't always get the respect it deserves nowadays. With all of these fancy, colorful and celebrity-endorsed liquors coming out, the juniper berry derived nectar of the Gods somehow seems to fall by the wayside when drinks are being ordered. Boodles British Gin, a classic brand that was a favorite of Winston Churchill’s, stands tall above its competitors merely because of how smooth and mild its flavors are especially when mixed into a classic cocktail. A few years back, Gin was all the rage as people began re-experimenting with classic Martini recipes and other Gin based drinks. But as times changed and people began focusing their attention elsewhere, many brands were left shaking their heads in disbelief at how fast the climate changed in the world of mixology. 

Boodles Gin, a longtime favorite libation base to quite a few of our British friends is not what you would expect it be considering its rather cost friendly price. Mixing up a couple of colorful cocktails yesterday after a long day in the test kitchen we decided two things; 1. Boodles deserves to be our house brand of Gin from here on out and 2. Boodles will have you not leave you with a headache the next morning (that is unless you're a sloppy drinker and you should probably be seeking help elsewhere, not in a bottle.) We took the smooth route and put a slight spin on a few old world classics such as the and had a quite relaxing evening, while plotting the next days debauchery out.

Our favorite drink of the night came simply from pouring 1 part Boodles Gin over ice into a chilled rocks glass, adding 2 parts Ginger Ale & 1 thin slice of Lime. I believe they call that a Gin Gin in certain circles but we ended up calling the “Gin Limey.” A few of those will have you ready for just about anything, so this is where you must make sure to have a designated driver close by, cause you will get hungry eventually.

The end result, get your hands on a few bottles before the weekend arrives and practice the fine art of cocktail making at home. Your friends will love you and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

For More Info Check: Boodle British Gin

Enjoy Responsibly.

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