Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Questlove to open Hybrid a Fried Chicken, Dumplings & Cupcake Stand

?uestLove / QuestLove is without a doubt, one of the most amazing musicians of my lifetime, do your homework if you do not know who this man is, right now. When we heard awhile back that he was going to be opening a restaurant of some sort, we new it would be different than your average eatery who gains its fame from the celebrity name attached to the spot. 

The Brother Question has always strayed from blending in, as evidenced by the maintaining of his Afro when the trend has come and gone multiple times over the span of his 20+ years on the music scene. So when it began to be rumored that Questo of The Roots would be opening “Hybrid” a Fried Chicken, Dumplings and Cupcakes stand in New York’s Chelsea Market, it went without saying that the final result would be something flyer than your average kiosk. 

Teaming up with the highly acclaimed and accredited, Stephen Starr to open Hybrid was a genius move as well because if there is one thing Questloves partner Stephen Starr knows, its how to create a successful brand and maintain its presence in a constantly changing market.
[Source: Philadelphia Foobooz] 

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