Sunday, March 10, 2013

Recipe Of The Day: Seafood Paella

Springtime in our test kitchen calls for plenty of seafood. Lately we have been fielding lots of recipe requests from our readers (please keep em coming!!!) for various light meals that can be prepared during the week. As well as those great requests for meals to surprise a loved one with a gourmet dinner that will really knock their socks off (or at least help you get closer to knockin’ their boots out of shape.) Today we wanted to reach back and showcase one of our insanely deep flavored but incredibly easy to pull off dishes, Seafood Paella. Most all of these ingredients can be found at your local market so don’t worry about having to make twenty different stops before you can even get to work.
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8 oz Spanish Chorizo (cut in half then sliced on the bias)
6 Garlic Cloves (chopped fine)
1 large Tomato (medium dice)
1 14oz can Chicken Broth or homemade Chicken Stock
1 tsp Saffron
¼ tsp Smoked Paprika
A Pinch of Ground Cumin
2 cups Instant or Minute Rice
1 cup frozen Peas
1.5 lbs Lobster Tails or Large Shrimp (deveined, but tails left on)
1 lb fresh Mussels (cleaned thoroughly)
Kosher Salt
Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
Lemon wedges (garnish, optional)

Heat a large skillet over medium heat and drop the chorizo in to render the fat out, stirring to avoid burning.
After most of the fat has been rendered, drop the garlic and cook 2 minutes until you can really begin to smell its aroma.
Add the tomato, chicken stock, paprika, cumin and saffron while stirring to incorporate everything together.
Season lightly w/ Kosher salt & black pepper, bring that mixture to a simmer then cover tightly and let cook for 3 – 5 mins.
Season the lobster or shrimp with salt & pepper then place it on top of rice mixture. Next add the mussels around on top of the rice, cover the mixture tightly and continue to cook another 4 or 5 mins until the seafood is done (if needed add more stock, you do not want this to dry out.)
Taste the rice and re-season if necessary.
Serve immediately in warmed bowls w/ lemon wedges on the side. 

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