Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lord Finesse Live in Tokyo pt.1 (Stream & Download)

Whatever your musical preferences may be I think we all can agree that music is a major driving force behind millions of individual’s lives. Whether you're a Hip Hop purist, an old school funk lover or a hard rock head it makes no difference, great music is great music. For those in the know, Lord Finesse has been behind the boards for some of Hip Hops most stellar releases and his knowledge of music delves deeper than many can even comprehend. 

Recently touring extensively through Japan, The Underboss took to the tables for two hours and gave an extremely lucky audience the opportunity to hear some of the most beautifully mixed classics ever. Lucky for us, he and the good people over at Slice-Of-Spice Records have released the first hour of the set for us all to hear. I know I cannot wait to catch the second hour.

Take a moment to stream this gem, turn it up loud and find yourself in a better mood for the rest of your day, we promise.

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