Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pay Homage: 2 Greats Share The Same Birthdate (multiple videos)

Today marks the birthday of two of the most prolific and inspirational producers ever in the music industry & Hip Hop game. True many have sold more records than these two, but their contributions to the culture and music in general can never be denied.

Both of these men have had their helping hand in creating careers that have spanned a few decades. If it weren’t for these two men, not one MC who has ever attempted to claim being the greatest alive would exist to the extent they do.

I could go on and on for hours about the songs we all hold dearly in our hearts that they created but instead will simply play a few videos to pay my respect & to show the world what these two extremely talented individuals have crafted over the years. I feel very lucky to have grown up in an era where their music reigned supreme and their influence on my life was very positive.
Happy Birthday and nothing less than Peace, Love & Respect to you both:
DJ Premier & Large Professor

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