Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cookbook Alert: Simple Sexy Food - Dr. Linda De Villers

Love & Food, are two necessities in life. True, you can live without loving anyone or having anyone love you, but that makes for a cold and often lonely life. When you find that someone who makes feel like rushing home at the end of a hard day when everyone else is going out to unwind and cut loose, you can feel it in your heart and soul. What often happens though unfortunately is that relationships, much like jobs sometimes wind up in a rut simply because no one has the time to be spontaneous and creative on a whim anymore.

Doubling up on the usual stresses we find in life is that fact that quality jobs and people in this world seem to be becoming harder to find every day. Dr. Linda De Villers a internationally known and respected authority on human sexuality with an emphasis on the role of exercise and diet in improving sexual function has recently released an aphrodisiac themed cook book and manual of sorts to help improve both your health and your sex life. To quote Dr. Villers directly “at the very least it will help you perk up your sex life and your eating habits. The beauty of that is that, at their essences, both food and sex are deliciously simple pleasures.”

Simple Sexy Food isn’t your usual chocolate covered strawberry and oysters kind of cook either. Complete with 101 recipes, humorous but informative photos and reasons behind why things work the way they do, this manual for lovers of both sex and food give you a great bit of information without leaving you feelings as if you just sat on an overpriced therapists couch for an hour. Simple Sexy Food, has an A – Z listing of foods that turn everyone on as well as create a healthy bit of energy in the body on top of delicious recipes such as French Toast w/ Grand Marnier, a great Lobster Tail & Watermelon Salad, Poblano Chilies stuffed w/ Crab & Shrimp and our favorite Artichokes stuffed w. Shrimp. 

In the end we know that some people have too much to admit maybe they want to try something new or that they don’t know everything in the bedroom or kitchen. But in a world full of instant gratification (which was so aptly applied in a section found in the book) people are feeling more rightfully so than ever in refusing to settle for less in an era where moving on to the next best thing seems to be a better solution than solving issues with someone you love.

This is a good book for a newly married couple an old couple having trouble in either the kitchen or the bedroom or anyone looking to brighten their day with a good meal and some amazing sex. 

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