Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spartan Race, Get On The Right Course To Getting Your Life In Order.

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You know how we like to keep things simple and organic. Organic, not always in the sense of food that was grown without chemicals but more in the form of allowing things to happen at their own pace. With that being said, we really aren’t the type to flock to the gym and crack the weight pile for a few hours, but know that we need to stay in shape.
Whether you chose to stay in shape to help provide a future for your loved ones or for your own vanity is not our concern, we just want to see you healthy and happy and that is where the Spartan Race starts to sound interesting to us. See the Spartan Race, as intimidating as it sounds once you get into it, is really something that we should all face in our lives.

Based on the idea that working out does not always have to tortuous and so long as you have that youthful spirit inside you, anyways can do this workout. The key factors to this being beneficial in your life are to have determination and self-discipline. Named after the tough as nails, chew you up and spit you out “Spartans” this obstacle course styled to create endurance, tenacity and most importantly a good time. Who doesn’t have fun outdoors? Once you sign up, your entitled to their weekly newsletters, workout plans and blog that encourages you to stay on top of your workout routine and get involved in the big race. Spartan Race

What is the big race you ask, well Spartan Race, is a new revolutionary way to push your body to the limits with their world leading obstacle courses. There are many different styles of racing and many different cultures of racers with races ranging from the muddy 3+ mile events with 10 or more obstacles up to the 40+ mile events.

For the beginner in you, the 3 mile races offer a chance to get acclimated to how things work and what exactly you should expect on the course.

Either which way you look at this, whether it be a routine you stick to, or something you build yourself up to do only once in your life, its something that should be experienced before its too late. And believe us when we say, if you attempt the race You Will Feel Better About Yourself, but if you cross that finish line, you will have more self respect for yourself than you could have ever imagined containing.

This is no race course for the faint of heart or the weak willed. This is grueling, gritting and grinding styled action from start to finish, that is the type of action we thrive on.

Check out Spartan Race sign up for at least one race and ask them questions. They will reply to whatever you ask we promise. Imagine being able to see your entire family cross the finish line after a day of working together to overcome obstacles that you never thought you would be faced with, those are the things that will create memories that will surely last a lifetime.

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