Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Great Gift Ideas for Mothers Day - May 13th, 2012

You can never do enough for your Mother, period. Mothers are the key to the existence of the World. You treat a woman bad and trust us, you will pay for it ten fold wherever your life takes you. That being said, a good way to show how much you love them is to make their lives easier and with these goodies right here, we think you will be off to a great start. Whether your buying these gifts for your Mom, the Mother of your children or the woman you hope to marry keep this thought in mind, a card and flowers are nice, but a Cappuccino machine is better.

Le Creuset’s new French Press is the ultimate in simple brewing when it comes to making perfectly brewed coffee, consistently. Available in Truffle, Cherry and Marseille at finer retailers starting at $60.

These Le Creuset Cappuccino Cups & Saucers are for the lover of blue in you. These beautifully hued cups hold a pefect 7oz and are also available in Truffle, Cherry & Marseille at fine retailers starting at $35 (for a set of 2)

The Activ –Ball original Corkscrew & Foilcutter by Le Creuset feature a 2 piece set to help get the night started off right or to help keep it going on course. Nothing is worse than being in a house full of great wines, champagnes and other fly libations only to be told, you have nothing to open the bottles with. And lets face the facts, none of us are trying to be the guy who kills an innocent bystander slicing open a bottle with a sword. Get with the times and get something that will actually start a conversation in your kitchen. Available in iconic Black & Flame, Black & Marseille, Black & Cherry and straight Black at finer retailers for $30.

The Delicha patented automatic Tea Maker by Swissmar’s Dalla Piazza line is a tea lover’s dream come true. A perfect cup of tea is only as hard as bringing water to a boil with this simplistic beauty of a workhorse. Durable, sleek & dishwasher safe make this a perfect purchase for under $100.

The Osyris Decanter by Peugeot enables you to keep those mature bottles of wine in pristine condition when being transferred from bottle to decanter. Its narrow inner (decanting) funnel chamber enables the wine to be delicately placed at the side of carafe minimizing the risk of aeration. The beautiful glass decanter is suitable for a 750 ml bottle of wine and has a narrow contact surface between the carafe and the table-top to prevent excessive thermal transfer, protecting wine that has been resting at its proper temperature.

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