Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Libations Fit For A King and Queen (directly from The Ritz-Carlton, Naples)

You should by now know that we have an affinity for strong libations, made with ingredients of an abnormal nature. True we love the traditional standbyes such as our Rum & Pepsi or Remy Martin on the rocks, but what about when the events of the evening call for something that goes far beyond the usual?

Have no fear my friends, because these amazing drink recipes from the exceptionally creative minds of the Kitchen & Bar staff at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples are something that should be in everyone’s arsenal.


Smoked Bloody Mary
House-made bacon-infused vodka mixed with a blend of smoked vegetables. Big, smoky BBQ taste; could be considered a pre-meal appetizer, as it's hearty and thick. The smoky bacon and spicy finish is like no other Bloody Mary. Trimmings include an apple-wood smoked pork belly bacon cube and cherry tomato.

Recipe: Bacon-infused vodka, smoked tomatillos, celery, tomatoes, jalapeƱos and blend. Strain and add V8 juice, garlic, onions, horseradish, cracked pepper and lemon juice.

Bacon-infused vodka: First off make sure you use the right piece of bacon (usually apple-wood smoked pork belly), and fry it properly before adding to the vodka. Place it in the freezer for 48 hours, then thaw, filter and freeze again until all solids are removed. It usually takes 3 days to make.
The Grilled Pineapple
A sweet drink, reminiscent of a tropical island. A pineapple is grilled and marinated with brown sugar and vanilla, then added into a vacuum-sealed bag and sous vided in water for 4 hours. The ingredients are removed from the pouch, chilled and added into a martini glass straight up, with Mount Gay Extra Old premium rum and a splash of brandied Marasca cherry juice and garnished with a cherry.

Grilled Pear Margaritas
A superb mixture of Anejo Tequila, fresh grilled pears, agave nectar, lime juice and pear nectar. Chilled and served straight up. The sweet, smoke, and salted rim create the perfect balance for all of the senses to take in.

A fresh pear is grilled and sous vided for a few hours with agave nectar. Pear and nectar substance is pureed and combined with fresh lime juice, more agave nectar and Sauza Anejo Tequila.

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