Friday, June 1, 2012

Once You Visit Newport Beach, You May Never Want To Leave

This post brought to you by Newport Beach.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Sunny Southern California, a place people dream of visiting, starting a family and retiring too. The facts must be faced that California is without a doubt the greatest place on Earth. Ok maybe we are taking a bit far with that statement, but we can all agree more people flock to the coasts of California every year than they do most every other state in America, combined. The beaches, the weather, the food, the celebrities and of course the amount of amazing attractions all play into why you too should visit the Golden State. But where does one start off when they first venture out West? Well let us help you out, a little city smack dab in the middle of all the action called Newport Beach is a great focal point for your trip. Whether your traveling with friends, the family or taking a romantic get away, Newport Beach is the perfect place to vacation too, being that it is merely minutes or seconds away from the beach, Disneyland and so much more (depending on where your staying) is only an added bonus.

Newport Beach is the ideal kick back kind of town. Located about 45 minutes south of the madness known as Hollywood, Newport Beach is the kind of place where anyone can feel right at home. Here in Newport Beach you will find many of the local restaurants that have helped to create the menu ruling phenomenon known as “California Fusion Cuisine,” truly this city is an adventure for the Culinary Artist as well. Have no fear if your children are going to be coming with you, for the city of Newport Beach has numerous attractions for kids of all ages. From Summer Camps, which would be my first choice simply because of all the fabulous adventures they can partake in day after day. From beach camps, to camp James that offers the classic camping experience on down to the Newport Sea Base Camp which teaches kids great things like kayaking, fishing, canoeing and water safety skills, your children will have a blast. Simply check out the website for a detailed list of dates, locations and availability. Newport Beach

Check out the website to get a feel for all of the amazing attractions that you can partake in and places to stay. After checking out their site, which is loaded with information on places to stay, eat, shop, get rental cars, tour guide info and much more check out the options on the “Things To Do” tab and ask yourself “What would I love to do first?” Newport Beach

 If you can’t decide on where to stay the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach is always ready to welcome a family on vacation to its 26 acres of beautifully maintained grounds which boasts 3 pools, whirlpools, a 9 hole golf course and loads of activities for the kids (parents wanting a little bit of privacy at night can also get a discounted connected room for their kids under the age 18 at 50% off.) For more information on the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach call 1-800-233-1234 today and ask to speak to a reservation specialist for more ways to save on your trip.

How can anyone go wrong, playing all day in the warm water, eating great food and eventually watching the Sun set in one of the most beautiful of settings you could ever have hoped to have found? But before you even get started thinking about all of the good times your going to have, ask yourself, “Why Do I Need This Vacation?” We are sure that you can give yourself a million and one reasons, but the most important one that should have come to mind is, because everyone deserves to be pampered and have a smile put on their face.

Once you have that thought stuck in your head, check out Visit Newport Beach Video below for even more great ideas as to how you can live like a real Californian, for less than you ever would have expected to spend.

If you do decide to take a trip the gorgeous coastal city of Newport Beach, we hope that you will reach out to us and let us know what you thought about your trip. Enjoy!!!

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  1. We took your advice and are going to do an oc trip. We also got great tickets to disneyland an knotts berry farm. Flying in from az next month. Thanks TSP

    Johnny V.
    Prescott AZ

  2. Just booked the eco tour theough orange county off of newports site. Never even knew they had a tourism site as detailed as this. Kudos.

    Evan Livingston
    Moreno Valley