Thursday, July 7, 2011

In Honor of Strawberry Sundae Day, We Give You The Strawberry Daiquiri

Seeing as how today is National Strawberry Sundae Day, we figured why hit you off with a simply recipe you could’ve caught last year if you’ve been following us that long. We ok just in case you haven’t we wont hold that against you, just get with your program and peep the previous post and see how we flipped your average strawberry sundae into something kinda fly.

Back to the mission at hand, this here is about a great drink ,that with the current onset of misery bringing heat goes perfect with the climate and just about any kind of food you can imagine. The Strawberry Daiquiri ladies and gentlemen, something your mama used to drink, but you never knew why. 

Why you ask, because with a proper and steady hand, you can get an entire party bent beyond comparison without them even knowing simply because of how smooth these drinks are.
Enough with all that, check the recipe below and enjoy!

Strawberry Daiquiri
1.5 oz Bacardi Silver Rum 

¾ oz strawberry liqueur

½ oz lemon-lime mix

2 ½ cups fresh (or frozen) strawberries

Crushed ice
Cocktail glass with slice of strawberry as the garnish.

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