Friday, July 29, 2011

Le Creuset - Revolution Silicone Tools

When the word Revolution is thrown into a sentence it can enhance the sound of things dramatically. What once was a fight between neighboring cities became “The Revolution” Doesn’t it sound much cooler that way?  Apply that same thought process to a tool or utensil that gets used more often than a pencil and it could potentially become life changing.

Everyone needs a tool to make life easier, whether it be a fine hair paint brush used to bring out the most intricate of details in a painting or a Silicone spatula that is virtually resistant to stains, sticking and warping. Tools make life easier.

Le Creuset needs no introduction on this site and hopefully not in your home either. We recently got our hands on the Revolution Silicone Tool Set and found out that our trusty wooden spoon had some hefty competition headed its way.
We busted the tools out, washed em off and got to work. Making a few soups and stews and a huge pot of Spaghetti sauce we were able to put almost every tool to use right away.
The Revolution Silicone Tool set comes with 6 tools and a really sturdy base, which is heat resistant as well, so having to move it away from burners on a stove or a hot pot has become a thing of the past.
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The Jar Scraper proved to be handy when using it to scrape out the last bits of a sticky Habanero Pepper sauce we made, getting into the grooves of the bottom of the jar and removing that spicy goodness was never so easy (everyone hates getting their knuckles and hands sticky don’t they?)

Three different sized spatulas make life a lot easier as well because no longer do you have to use that huge spatula you commonly reach for when your making little canap├ęs and don’t want to damage precious items sitting side by side in a pot.

The Revolution Spatula Spoon also worked its magic easily lifting our braised Chayote Squash out of a sauce when the time called for it, which when done with tongs can just kill tender foods shape or presentation which is important to us all.

But what really impressed us was the Revolution Basting Brush. We have seen and used silicone models before that claim to hold the sauce on its bristles far better than your classic paint-brush style basting brush, but commonly laugh as they fail to live up to their boasts.
The Le Creuset Revolution Basting Brush, puts all others to shame. Making the most of our hard earned BBQ sauce while making ribs over the weekend at a BBQ we hosted this basting brush put the sauce perfectly where it needed to be without splattering and avoiding wasting by never clumping with stick goodness.

Once finished the easily removable head (as is the same with the other tools in the kit) made for such simple washing, drying and storing.

It became apparent  after we were done and cleaned up, we had a few new tools that were going to see a lot of sunshine this Summer.

The Revolution Silicone Tools can be purchased individually or as a set online at: and can be found at numerous retailers Worldwide.

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