Monday, July 18, 2011

National Caviar Day

The final picture is from an Iranian company named Almas. Almas is the Russian word for Diamond, seeing as how this is the most expensive Caviar in the world, coming in at $49,800 for just under 2 lbs, we feel the name fits it perfectly. 

Caviar for those that don't know is nothing more than fish eggs. People expect them to taste horrible, but good quality Caviar taste like little bursts of Salt Water mixed with the most amazing purest Fish flavor you could imagine. 
Truly a delight, once you get around what your eating, hell its no different than eating a chicken egg right?

Now don't let that last brands price scare you off, sure Caviar is a bit expensive, but no more so than the shoes and clothes we buy ourselves or any of the other billion harmful habits we partake in on the daily that cost us more than our time and money.

Put a few bucks aside and go to your local quality store (Henry, Trader Joes, etc) and pick up a tin, some good crackers and enjoy yourself some Caviar.
National Caviar Day I am sure will go unnoticed by most of the World, that is unless your balling with no budget.


*Editors Note*
We got a few emails and comments from a people asking if we thought eating caviar was cruel because we were consuming unborn fish? My question back to them is, well then isn't eating anything that lives cruel because you have to kill it?


  1. I come from Iran where the famouse cavar cmes from but even I did not try to eat it!

  2. Caviar = Fish Eggs. Eating unborn fish. Doesnt it sound so cruel?

  3. Caviar is made from pre-ovulated unfertilized sturgeon eggs. They are not unborn fish any more than a chicken egg is an unborn chicken.