Sunday, January 30, 2011

TABASCO Original Red, The King of Hot Sauces.

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red.  All opinions are 100% mine.

It should come as no surprise by now that we here at The Supreme plate, have a certain fondness for hot and spicy foods. Look through our previous years, Recipes of The Day and see just how many of them require a few dashes (or more) of Hot Sauce.

 Not so much because we love to breathe fire, but because we understand what kind of compliments those elements can pay to almost any dish imaginable. A quality Hot Sauce can breathe life into a dish, evoking the deep flavors you worked so hard to get out of each and every one of the ingredients you carefully selected.

We recently performed a few blind taste tests to see which Sauce reigned supreme and not much to our surprise the winner hands down was TABASCO® Original Red. Introduced to the world by the McIlhenny family way back in 1868, TABASCO® is more than just your average bottle of Hot Sauce. Think of how many restaurants you have wandered into and either seen TABASCO® on the table, or when you asked for some Hot Sauce, TABASCO®, was brought to your table. The reason you see the brand everywhere is because they believe in consistency. It takes 3 years to age their simple concoction of Salt, Red Pepper and Vinegar to perfection. Truly that is no time at all when you consider about how TABASCO®, wont drowned out the ingredients in your dish, but rather support and uplift them.

With Super Bowl Sunday right around the corner, everyone is surely going to be scrambling to pull out the best dishes in their arsenals to impress their guests. Whether it be a big bowl of Hot Wings, gourmet Canap├ęs designed to keep the fingers clean and the tone of the afternoon light or some down and dirty BBQ with strong libations close at hand, one thing must be available to keep the mood right in all of those settings, TABASCO® Original Red.

Tired of the same old menu on Game-Day? Well have no fear as the good folks over at TABASCO® have compiled a Game-Day Party Menu list of quick fixing, delicious meals and snacks to keep the crowd focused on the game and not the horrible question “whose going to make a food run during the game?” With choices ranging from Pizza, Wings Chili’s, Dips and Finger Foods, it will be hard to choose which ones to fill up on during what should hopefully be an action packed Super Bowl.
For those of you that keep it simple on game day and order up a bunch of Pizzas and Wings it should already come as no surprise that all you need in this case is a few cold drinks, some even colder ranch dip and some TABASCO® Original Red, to top off your pizza and take it to a whole new level.                                                With the Pizza Perfected Menu, you can check out 10 new ways to “Doctor up your delivery” and make the Game Day a sure fire hit.
My personal favorite on game day is either a huge plate full of our Spicy Sangria Shrimp, with a few cold Micheladas (both recipes can be found down below,) or our Spicy Black Bean Hamburgers. Of course, the Burgers, Shrimp and the drink are infused with the wonderfully light, but heat packing flavor of TABASCO®, Original Red or it just wouldn’t seem right.

For more information on these recipes and all of the other wonderful Game-Day ideas the good folks over at TABASCO® have come up with, check out the following links:
Game-Day Party Menu

Pizza Perfected
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