Monday, January 3, 2011

The Food Holidays of January 2011

Starting off the year with a whole new slew of food holidays and events to attend is a great way to get yourself revitalized after what was a very taxing 2010. Leave it to the good folks over here (ok maybe just food crazed fools) The Supreme Plate to put you onto what holidays you can try to act like you knew about.
Here is a comprehensive list of what you should be preparing yourselves to eat over the next 31 days of January.
Please look at things this way as you enter into the new year, for starters you made it out of 2010 alive and somewhat healthy enough to even be concerned with reading this article. Second we all know things could be worse, so lets not darken our spirits with hoping that those things to occur and finally, just enjoy the fact that we do love what we do and could / would not be doing it, if it weren’t for you, our faithful readers.

January is home to:
Bread Machine Baking Month
National Candy Month
National Egg Month
National Hot Tea Month
National Oatmeal Month
National Soup Month
National Wheat Bread Month
National Prune Breakfast Month

The 2nd Week                        National Pizza Week
January – 1            National Bloody Mary Day
January – 1            National Apple Gifting Day
January – 2            National Cream Puff Day
January – 3            National Chocolate Filled Cherry Day
January – 4            National Spaghetti Day
January – 5            National Whipped Cream Day
January – 6            National Shortbread Day
January – 6            National Bean Day
January – 7   National Tempura Day
January – 8            National Toffee Day
January – 9            National Apricot Day
January – 10 National Bittersweet Chocolate Day           
January – 11            National Milk Day
January – 11            National Hot Toddy Day
January – 12            National Curried Chicken Day
January – 13            National Peach Melba Day
January – 14            National Hot Pastrami Day
January – 15            National Ice Cream Day
January – 16            International Hot & Spicy Food Day
January – 17            National Hot Buttered Rum Day
January– 18            National Peking Duck Day
January – 19            National Popcorn Day
January – 20            National Buttercrunch Day
January – 20            National Cheese Lovers Day
January – 20            National Granola Bar Day
January – 21            National New England Clam Chowder Day
January – 22            National Blonde Brownie Day
January – 23            National Rhubarb Pie Day
January – 24            National Peanut Butter Day
January – 24            National Lobster Thermidor Day
January – 25            National Irish Coffee Day
January – 26            National Pistachio Day
January – 27            National Chocolate Cake Day
January – 28            National Blueberry Pancake Day
January – 29            National Corn Chip Day
January – 30            National Croissant Day
January – 31            Brandy Alexander Day

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