Monday, January 24, 2011

Le Creuset, Culinary Artistry With A Sense Of Style

It’s a well known fact, when someone makes a large purchase that proves to be worth its hefty price tag years down the line, they feel good about their decision making abilities and themselves. Especially if that product is something that is going to see years of rigorous work, sometimes day after day depending on ones style. No one likes to buy something and have it quickly break only to have a loud mouth friend or relative say those 7 annoying words “Well, You Get What You Pay For.”
Cooking and serving ware are no different. In fact you have to really take a look at what you are using while cooking or serving a meal and see what it says about your personal sense of style. Yes we all have a few cherished pots, pans, skillets and plates that match nothing in our cupboards, but we clutch onto them dearly like a scared old lady does her handbag in an elevator, for sentimental reasons.
But all of that has nothing to do with purchasing something for yourself, now does it? With that said, take a look at the following Le Cresuet products and think about how having a matching set of cooking and serving ware creates an ambiance, pulls together a room and quickly sets the tone for what should presumably be an amazingly cooked meal.

In Caribbean Blue, the Small Oval Serving Bowl (18oz) is perfect for holding just about anything you could wish to bring to the table in large amounts before dishing out individual portions.
In the same Caribbean Blue color way you can also get the new Le Creuset Wok Dish, which is sure to get a few looks from their stylish approach to the classic design of a Wok. This dish is great because of its Versatility, as it can go from the oven or microwave straight to the table (a great way to spruce up some take out you brought home trying to impress your date.)

Everyone should own a fresh pitcher to serve some drinks from. Every now and then people want to have fresh Lemonade, Sangria, grown up Kool-Aid or whatever kind of libation you may feel like sipping on and you don’t want to be the person pulling out that plastic pitcher with the twist off lid your mama had when you were a kid. This version is heavy, so it wont be easily knocked over but yet not so heavy no one can pick it up to pour from it.
We have said it time and time again. Le Creuset makes products that are well beyond the worth of what the price tag says it costs. I have a pot that has been handed down a few times and is over 50 years old. I have never had any issues using it, cleaning it or storing it. The great things about Le Creuset is, they offer a variety of colors to fit everyone’s lifestyle and home decorating choices and they make products that will truly last a lifetime.

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