Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BBQ Tools Everyone Should Own

If you love the efficiency of gas grilling but long for the smoky flavor of charcoal, then this new smoker box exclusively from Williams Sonoma, is destined to become your favorite grilling accessory.
This little powerhouse can be filled with aromatic wood chips or fragrant herbs for all kinds of smoky flavor infusions, all you have to do is remember to pre soak your chips, and when ready place them in the base of the smoker box. 
After a few minutes of preheating the box on an outdoor grill your going to have lovely, great taste enhancing smoke ready to use at your command.
To smoke select foods, place ingredients on the perforated tray, set over the base on the grill and cover with the lid or to turn your entire closed grill into a smoker, remove the lid altogether.
Made of heavy-gauge stainless steel and dishwahser safe, this is sure to be a big hit at your next BBQ.

For more info check out williamssonoma.com

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