Friday, June 25, 2010

Project Social Responsibility...

There is nothing like taking a meeting with someone who represents not only multiple automotive brands, but almost 100 years of commitment to their community. Stopping by Moss Bros. Honda in Moreno Valley the other day we caught up with Jason Moss who shares our enthusiasm for the launch of Project Social Responsibility.

For those that have slept, we are in the midst of rolling out a vehicle that will be able to help feed hundreds of thousands of people over the next few years, who have little or no way of helping themselves and Moss Bros. is dedicated to helping see that project come to life.

Now people may say, Moreno Valley, no way would I drive way out there to get a vehicle, but after  taking a few minutes to speak with people such as Jason, you begin to realize there are still honest car salesmen left on this planet. It isn't always about the sale of a car in his eyes, "it is more about making sure the people feel comfortable in what they are buying."

Better yet after you see how incredible of a deal they can offer you because of their multi brand buying power you'll probably be more inclined to be impressed.

Check them out online at Moss Bros. or and enjoy your car buying experience for once.

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