Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Recipe In Honor Of National Egg Day: Egg Salad Sandwich w/ Avocado & Spinach

Heres another recipe in honor of the incredible edible egg. This sandwich is actually inspired by a close close friend of ours, who could not stand mayo in anything they ate. By seasoning it up a little bit and not overloading the sandwich with it, we made it quite delightful, as they agreed upon devouring a few recently.

6 eggs
¼ cup mayonnaise (plus extra, if you desire, for spreading)
1 tsp Dijon mustard

½ tsp smoked paprika
¼ tsp seasoning salt

½ lemon (juiced)
Kosher Salt
Freshly ground black pepper
8 slices whole grain bread (toasted)
1 avocado (halved & peeled, seeded and sliced lengthwise
½ bunch spinach (stems trimmed)

Cook the eggs 10 minutes in a saucepan of simmering water to cover.
Drain, cool under cold running water, and peel.
Roughly mash the eggs in a bowl with the mayonnaise, mustard, and lemon juice.
Season with salt and pepper, seasoning salt and paprika.
Spread 4 slices of toast with mayonnaise, if you like.
Arrange about 1/4 of the avocado slices on each.
Spread each with 1/4 of the egg salad and arrange watercress sprigs on top.
Top each sandwich with another slice of toast and serve.

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