Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Le Creuset, Changing The Kitchen With Classic Style

Traditionally teakettles, the bulky items that they are, impossible to clean efficiently without entirely dismantling them. But leave it to the geniuses at Le Creuset to completely change the tradition into the technologically advanced.
Their newest models of Teakettles are not only available in a multitude of colors, from stainless steel to soft pink, but now also offer a few new advancements to help get your temperature boiling that much quicker.

With a single tone, fixed whistle you will be alerted that your liquids are ready pleasantly, instead of being blasted by the boat horn inspired whistles you hear on other teakettles. Normally you never hear anyone excited about having a flat and wide bottom, but in this case, Le Creuset created a faster boiling time by giving the model a much broader base to accumulate heat with.
With its locking handle to prevent from spills or wild pouring this Teakettle is built to withstand the tests of time. 
Le Creuset products are available at fine retailers Worldwide or online at Amazon.com

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