Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Torchbearer Hotsauces

I came into the office and stumbled upon a package from Tim & the great gang over at Torchbearer Hot Sauces. Just off of the packaging alone, I knew this was going to be a great evening, especially seeing as how it was Bean and Cheese Burrito & Seafood Jambalaya tasting night in The Supreme Plate kitchen.
Having won awards from coast to coast in numerous national hot sauce competitions these guys have an acute set of senses when it comes to creating complex sauces. It is not often that one brand of hot sauce can be used on almost everything you eat. True we all have our own stand-by condiments that can somehow be swallowed with almost any bite of food we take, but as time goes on, those flavors become less and less acceptable to our palates.

Starting off with the packaging, the bottles are made of heavy weight glass with metal twist off tops (great for these kinds of sauces) so you don't leave bits of fire dripping down the sides of the container or on your fridge shelves.
The labels are great for their novelty alone. Each one telling a different humorous story that explains what kinds of flavors to expect to their unassuming customers.
Make no mistake about it, these sauces pack luscious, mellow amounts of heat on the forefront followed by some bold almost herbaceous flavors after being consumed.

We kicked off our taste testing with the "Sultry" sauce and felt compelled to eat more, as they said we would. This is one of those sweet smelling, great tasting sauces thats heat builds with each bite. Just hot enough to let you know your alive, but not so hot you cant feel your face afterwords this sauce is great for every dish we tried it on.
Now when we got into the Seafood Jamabalaya section of the evening things kicked into high gear. We busted out Torchbearer's #37 aka Tarnatition Sauce XX Hot. They advise keeping a cold glass of milk on hand when consuming this 38,202 Scoville packing sin in a bottle, (should they also inform you of keeping a few wet wipes for afterwords, we would later see.)
This is purely a hot sauce for the enthusiast, not your little weekend warrior who thinks they have a tough stomach. Packed with awesome well developed smokey flavors, this is a sauce you must have on hand for game days when the wings are being busted out.

We must note that all of the sauces Torchbearer makes are healthy and use only the freshest ingredients. They are never loaded with unnatural flavorings, additives or any sort of sneaky shelf life saving, body ruining ingredients. 
Being offered at an extremely affordable price, (don't feel bad loading up on this when used, because a case costs less, including shipping than it takes to fill up your SUV) and will last you months and months longer than one tank of gas.
Check back at the top of the week for the BBQ sauce test that Torchbearer and numerous other brands will be included in as well. 
For more info on where to pick up some for yourself please visit TORCHBEARER SAUCES and when calling to place your order let em know The Supreme Plate put ya on. 

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