Monday, March 29, 2010

Mass Produced Pancakes At Home?

Everyone loves to wake up to pancakes in the morning. Well that is unless your on the breakfast of champions diet that includes cigarettes and donuts before 5 am. But for the rest of the normal world, we love to eat pancakes and eat them in abundance. The thing is about those lovely little discs of dough that are covered in warm maple syrup surrounded by tasty bacon and eggs is that they take forever and when your the only one cooking, its hard to get it a chance to eat them while they are still hot. 
In steps the first of its kind ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine, that will do all the unwanted work for you. 

This little baby will spit out 200 pancakes an hour and have you eating more than you ever could have imagine in no time with your friends and family. Heck even the firemen down the street could be invited over with this little bundle of joy in the house.
Coming with a hefty $3,500.00 price tag, this is truly aimed at restaurants and hotels looking to ease the load of the breakfast rush.
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