Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kitchen Tools That Everyone Should Own

Having libations is truly fun. Well that is true as long as those that you are sharing your time with can handle their alcohol like and adult and no one starts throwing lawn furniture or worse fists over a few misunderstood words. When the time is right and the bottles begin to get popped everyone needs to have a few items in their home to help keep things flowing smoothly.
Unless your Major Payne and possess the skill of opening cans and bottles with one finger, the first thing you should consider purchasing is a corkscrew and sturdy bottle opener.

We're not talking one of those bottle openers on the bottom of your lighter, pieces of plastic that could potentially stab someone openers. I am talking about having some heavy steel to do the right job at the right moment.

The Knuckle Duster Corkscrew, is something to behold and should be owned by every bad ass in the kitchen as well as anyone that needs to provide themselves with some added cool points.
Although it does take a bit of skill and know how to open a bottle it is worth its price of $12.99. Available on ThinkGeek.Com 

And please don't think that we would ever leave out those in need of a good old fashioned bottle opener.
This crowbar styled bottle opener is as equally vicious looking as it is effective in getting the job done. Made of stainless steel with a baked enamel coating, this bad boy would be great for cracking bottles open or making short work of some King Crab Legs at the weekend BBQ.

Also available at ThinkGeek.com  for a limited time at the cheap price of $19.99 get yours today & do some serious damage, to some bottles that is.

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