Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chroma Cnives. Chef Quality Cutlery At Affordable Prices

The kitchen is usually the centerpiece to most homes. Everyone needs to eat and drink and when the party is in full force, at most of the houses I have been too, it usually ends up in or near the kitchen. Now with all of these chef related shows, everyone thinks they can cook like a pro, but a lot of times on tv all you read about is the food ingredients in the recipe. Rarely do they speak on the types of equipment that are needed to perform such daunting tasks as creating perfect Juliennes and Brunoise cuts out of some hard to handle items or to fine dice a succulent shrimp without hackin’ it bits, when the “Recipe Of The Day: Ceviche” calls for it.
Without a doubt people need to get their knife game up to par so we are here to hold you down and let you know what kinds of knives are actually worth the hefty price tags attached to them and what knives are merely hype.

First up to bat was Chroma Cnives, who flipped the spelling of the brands name and explain so by stating that “The best cnives start with C.”
It makes no sense going through all of those hi end technical terminology tests when most of the people aren’t professional Chef’s reading this.
The truth of the matter is this, the facts that need to be addressed are;
  • Does the knife perform well after rigorous amounts of use
  • Is it heavy and hard on the wrists and hands when using it for long periods of time
  • Is the knife hard to maintain and keep the blade sharp
  • What is all of this going to cost me
We tested out 3 knives from the Chroma brand and to our astonishment all of them passed with flying colors.

The Handle of the knife is constructed out of 18/10 stainless steel and the blade is made using high quality Japanese 301 Steel. The blade of each knife is hand sharpened by skilled master knife makers. The ergonomic handle eleviates an incredible amount of tension from the wrist allowing effortless cooking for longer periods of time. Without a doubt these knives are well worth their price and will last a lifetime with proper care. This means no getting lazy and placing it in the dishwasher and routine wet stone sharpening to keep the edge as razor sharp as the day you first bought it. Chroma states that all of their “Cnives” should be sharpened daily if you’re a professional cook /Chef and every 6 months when used in the home.

Finally we tested out the Haiku series 8" Chef Cnife (Model H-06) which has a completely different set up and feel to it than the Type 301. This is a traditional style Japanese Chef Knife made out of 33 layers of a very high quality high carbon stainless steel that provides this knife with an amazing amount of durability.  The knives infuse a very ancient Japanese method of fusing the handle to the blade by using a bamboo peg called a "Mekugi" giving extra stability when using the traditional rocking method associated with Japanese cuts in the kitchen. 

After putting them to the medium rare London Broil test the Haiku and Type 301 knives all provided us with paper thin cuts at various degrees of doneness on the meat. 
Thanks to Mike at Chroma for the quick and speedy delivery. 
All of the incredible Chroma Cnife lines can be found online at and at respectable shops and knife dealers nationwide. They provide a lifetime warranty with all of their products and stand by them according to the customers we reached out too. 

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