Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Schmaltz" The App

It would tickle my Grandmother pink to know that a James Beard Award winning author released an iPad app praising the most underused and underrated natural recipe enhancer ever made, “Schmaltz.”

Michael Ruhlman, recently released what is being hailed as a “Love Song to a ForgottenFat” which consists of 25 or so recipes on how to make, use & store the precious “liquid gold” that our Great Grandmothers brought our families up on. Featuring old world recipes for matzo Ball Soup, Kishke, Kreplach Dumplings and even updated ones like Chicken Confit, this app is a must have for cooks looking to add a bit of old world soul to their repertoire.

At least Ruhlman is able to take a poke at himself by stating “I realize it may be presumptuous for a Goy to be writing about the fat of Ashkenazi Jews,” which lets you  know the book is light hearted and meant to bring a bit of joy into peoples lives hits holiday season.
Check out trailer for the app, which is available on iTunes; SCHMALTZ

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