Monday, December 19, 2011

The LG Doubleplay, Making Life Easier One Text At A Time.

This post brought to you by LG DoublePlay™.  All opinions are 100% mine.

The game of phones is a constant battle for supremacy it seems and oftentimes we get caught in all of the hype and purchase a phone full of features we don’t need, just to keep up with the Jones’. Especially when it comes to buying phones for our kids, sometimes enough is enough and things need to be brought back to being simple and effective, with that being said in steps the LG Doubleplay exclusively offered by T-Mobile. A phone that has dual customizable touch screens that work in tandem with its QWERTY keyboard and Swype® for easy text input. Operating around the latest Android™2.3 systems and allows users access to the Android Market™ which enables the phone to have 7 home screens and up to 9 touchscreen shortcuts for one-touch navigation.

A broad QWERTY keyboard makes it easy for even those with the most nimblest of fingers to produce quick and correct text messages each and every time. Think about how many hours a day you spend on your phone looking at your Facebook or Twitter pages, with this phone going between all forms of Social Media are simple and lightning fast.

Our staff sends on the average over 30,000 texts a month and if some of them had a better phone (such as the Doubleplay) it might be a little bit easier to decipher what they were trying to get across. Even worse is when someone still has to wait until they get home to upload photos and change their statuses because their phone just doesn’t cut the mustard.
That no longer is a problem with The LG Double. Whatever your reason is for owning a cellphone, please take a look at The LG Doubleplay, exclusively offered by T-Mobile and tell us honestly you don’t think this thing will make your life much more enjoyable. LG DoublePlay™

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  1. Buying this for my kids for xmas thanks

    B. favora