Saturday, November 19, 2011

Schar, the Gluten-Free brand that really cares about their consumers.

This post brought to you by Schar.  All opinions are 100% mine.

scharlogo_hires_web.jpeg Schar has recently re-launched their Gluten-Free Heat & Serve items such as the: Sub Sandwich Rolls, Ciabatta Rolls and Baguettes. Imagine having to live life without eating bread. For those that suffer from Celiac disease or are Gluten-Intolerant, the pains that result from enjoying a sandwich make life seem unfair at best. Schar Club

Well the suffering stops now, because by joining the Schar Club you can kiss your pains of intolerance goodbye. Becoming a member of the Schar club, enables to receive free samples, coupons, advice on how to a live healthy Gluten-Free lifestyle and so much more.  Schar has been the leader in Gluten-Free foods for years and with the re-launch of their great products such as their Sub Sadwich Rolls, Ciabatta Rolls & Baguettes, you can finally get excited again about eating a piece of bread that won’t leave you curled up in the fetal position and better yet, tastes Great! We will be sure to have these on hand over Thanksgiving weekend as quite a few of our guests have Gluten allergies and instead of avoiding that issue we embrace it with the help of Schars great products.

We encourage everyone to take a peek at their site, sign up for their newsletters, contests and so on (they actually do give things away instead of just ask for an email address to fill up your inbox with junk.) Schar free sample Schar Gluten-Free Sub Sandwich Rolls are truly delicious, low in fat, are non-GMO and are an excellent source of fiber.

Perfect for your kids school lunches or adults on the go, Schar Sub Sandwich Rolls come individually wrapped in easy to store two-packs (that also ensure optimum freshness.) Load  your sandwich up with everything you can imagine, especially since Thanksgiving is next weekend, I am sure a Turkey or Ham Sandwich or two will be made during the days that follow. We have been serving our Turkey Meatball sandwiches on their rolls for some time now and have never had a complaint. Ciabatta fans will rejoice once they try Schars Ciabatta Bread which, literally tastes like it just came out of a traditional Italian bakery.

Schars Gluten-Free products offer bread-lovers a chance to enjoy the perfect accompaniment to any meal from a Chinese chicken Salad to a bowl of our classic Seafood Gumbo Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, Check out Schars website today and get to enjoying a life where great tasting Rolls have a starring role again.

And while your at it, take a moment and leave us a few comments as to which Schar Gluten-Free products you liked and tell us about the great meal you came up with. We might even post your recipe if something stellar is put up in the comments section.

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  1. I think the turkey meatballs recipe or a schnitzel on a soft roll sounds delicious right about now. My daughter has a horrible gluten allergy. Headed to the website tonight 2 see who sells it.
    Joellia Green-Waters