Wednesday, November 16, 2011

National Fast Food Day

Far be it from me to say that eating Fast Food is wrong. As a matter of fact, today is National Fast Food Day, which usually results in a few double doubles being ordered up from In & Out or at the very least a 20 piece chicken McNuggets box to hold us over during the day. We here at The Supreme Plate, don’t always condone eating the crap that comes from most fast food spots but today we are going to say do as you please, you only live once and you deserve to snack on the staples that got you this far in life.
With that said, eat up, tear up a few pizzas, some chicken wings,  Big Mac’s, Whoppers, Crawfish Baskets (Popeyes is always good in our eyes,) or whatever your heart desires we won’t hold it against you.
Do you remember these classics?... 

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